Kresh the Ripper stage 4

This guy is really tough. I don't see any posts anywhere on the web about the fight. I've tried it on my disc priest and can stay alive a long time but don't seem to have a chance at killing him. my ret spec doesn't do all that much to kill him. It's the hardest solo content I've seen. Any advice would be great.


Ok it wasn't as hard as i thought. i mainly relied on judgement and word of glory. final boss was easy also. my priest was logged off due to crash so I'll try that one later.

This was the build a base in Isle of thunder. i ran normal scenarios and dungeons and LFR (last two as healer) but didn't get into the dailies yet.

This one was actually quite fun.

I basically had to widdle away instead of trying to maximize dps.
UHm, no. ran and ran, and no matter which way I twisted and turned, I ended up being killed by the burning debuff. Fun, if it weren't for that. I ran away all the time, just sent a few DOT's, and whatever I could while running. Died at the steps.
I finally found a strange flask at the steps leading up, and drank it just to see what the heck...but left the fight. No idea if that is what is supposed to give me an armored minion risen from the dead. Mine keep dying.
I knew it would be easy on my hunter. Last boss was a little bit harder than as a pally. I died twice but it should have only been once. If i had any health potions or bandages I think I would have lived.
Trying to do this on my alt druid ! Seems impossible. My mage took a couple wipes but i cannot accomplish this on my RESTO druid! What am i doing wrong?? This is very frustrating.
This is another quest I can't do on my shadow priest - can't get help either - thanks for that. It makes me wonder again why I keep playing if every other quest is another God-Modded quest you can't possibly win.

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