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I have no problem with PVP, let me just clarify that before anyone assumes that I don't like it. I actually do enjoy it. Isle of Thunder on a PVP realm is great. Especially when a Horde that ganks you while you're tied down with three mobs then finds himself at the same rare elite as you. (Hint: That didn't end well for the Horde.)

I also like that PVP is generally balanced between the factions.

However, there seems to have been an oversight on the part of the quest designers with regards to the two factions' Made for War quests.

One of the factions (Horde) has its mob off to the side, not on a main highway into the alliance base. The other faction (Alliance) has the mob it needs to kill put right smack dab in the only route into and out of the Horde base, just yards from the elite mobs guarding its entrance and in the middle of a steady stream of Horde players.

I therefore propose that in the interests of balance and so that Alliance can farm honor as effectively as the Horde, that the target mob for the Horde version of this quest be moved to the plaza directly at the base of the stairs leading into the Alliance base.

Thank you.
I agree this is a pain but blizzard does not care about balance between the horde and alliance quests. Wish they would stop with this crap but it has been around since the start and it will continue.
I also agree, please move the alliance version of this mob below the staircase leading to the alliance camp.
I was seriously about to write the carbon copy of this post. /vote.

There seems to be more to it than just the traffic. The Horde's construct is densely surrounded by hostile NPCs and defendable in all 360 degrees. While the Alliance's construct is only defendable from the same 180 degrees that the horde can engage from; sparsely surrounded by NPCs in no apparent order.

That is without even addressing the previous point made that the Horde's NPC is placed directly infront of the traffic choke point to their base.

The sight of this gives me concern that this was not just an oversight, and in truth the problem was probably addressed and then dismissed. But you do not need a geometry lesson to understand the strategic advantage given by this quest.

In other threads, horde are calling this sort of talk 'crying' because they think it's okay for us to get ganked trying to kill a quest mob and we should just suck it up. I think it's unacceptable. I'm dead right now because I was trying to drag this guy under the bridge the horde cross from their base and when I got him down to 5%, a shadow priest killed me. He was waiting on me to get the mob down.

Why the hell is the mob at their base?
Odd... While I appreciate the feedback, all of it has been posted by Alliance 90s.

I wonder what the Horde think of this quest on the Isle of Thunder? Anyone from that faction willing to offer some perspective?
I agree,I love pvp but why the killer quest with all the horde in the world waiting to jump you especially when you almost have it then they jump you. I waited for a force to help then jump in, but we still got hijacked by the Horde. I just dump the quest and not get the final. At least let me see if Made for war is an option, then let me dump the quests to get the pve option.
The placement is unbalanced, and of course horde are loving it. That's why they are Horde. May I suggest using the opportunity to rain on the Hordes parade. Get a group of real pvp'rs together go over kill all the guards and camp any Horde who pops his head up. Do this a few times a day for about a week. Remember Horde are a little slow and hard to teach, but they can learn. The lesson...don't do that or we ruin your day. :0)
This quest has the word bias written all over it. It took me 30 mins to get this quest done, because horde would not hesitate to attack me while fighting the quest NPC.

However, the horde version quest NPC is way off our base which makes it much easier for them to kill.
I agree with the Alliance, the quests are unbalanced, and I can appreciate how frustrating it is to be ganked and killed while doing a quest. However, Alliance do this just as much as Horde. Personally, I don't bother anyone questing, I save it for the battlegrounds, but there are many Horde players who will not give any allie a break---however, both sides have this type of player. After they kill me, I just go back to questing and usually they don't bother me again, except for the ones who try to camp you. Those are the ones that should be penalized... (byw, I have seen many Horde players run right through an allie fighting the Arcane Destroyer, including myself, and not bother them.)

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