Holy Pally Tortos 10 man normal help!

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Hello, my guild is currently fighting Tortos on 10 man, and we are having a lot of issues, especially with damage as I believe our group is taking a lot of damage especially from the first few seconds with the quake and with people being hit by turtles. Is there any holy paladins that have downed this fight and would like to provide me any tips? Or is there anything as a whole anyone can reccomend. Thanks!!!
our ilvl is also pretty low, 490ish on average so that could be an issue I guess.
You need a raid CD or personal CD for each quake stomp.
I just killed this guy tonight and it really isnt that bad. Here are some tips...

Holy Prism on Tortos on cd and try to time it so you have it up right after each stomp
Make sure everyone is avoiding turtles and falling stuff
Holy Avenger on first stomp, followed by your standard aoe healing rotation to get people back up fast
Pop wings and DP for more aoe healing on 2nd stomp
Rotate this until he is dead.

Main thing in the fight is to make sure people dont get hit by turtles and always try to stay away from them so you dont get stunned by a stomp then hit by a turtle while stunned. Hope this helps.
forgot to say we 3 healed this since dps isnt an issue. This is for 10man.
ahaha, i just realized who the op is. Message me in game if you want more help (toon was kungfuju back when we raided together)
Haha wow hey man, alright no prob
Make sure your dps are moving away from stalactites after the stomp. One thing that may not be obvious is that they do massive damage within the circle and more minor damage (50kish?) within a 20 yd radius of the impact, it isn't really an issue any other time but after a stomp with tons of them stacking up the damage can quickly become overwhelming. Most of the raid damage besides the initial stomp is entirely avoidable and your dps should be doing their best to minimize the damage they take by being spreading out and moving further away from stalactites. The damage they do is also nature damage, so it can be reduced by cooldowns that reduce magic damage, such as devotion aura and divine protection.
We have been making guides throughout ToT. Maybe our Tortos guide will help you guys.


Most of the damage from this fight comes from being too close to the stalactites when they crash down and people getting hit by turtles.

Also, with the stalactites, when the circle spawns on you, stand in it for about a second before moving, that way the next one that is going to be put on you will overlap the one you just moved from, then get as far away from them as possible. There is a 20 yard range on the damage from them, and you can actually not take any damage from them at all if you pay enough attention.

We got our first kill on him this week, 3 healing it with myself(mistweaver) a Holy Paladin and a Resto Druid. First Quake we use our Paladin CD to heal through it, second quake I use Revival and third quake we use our Elemental Shaman's disgustingly good cooldown. Sadly our Druid can never get more than 2 ticks of tranquility off before getting hit by a turtle so she just AoE heals like normal. 4th quake is personal CD's. Then it's rinse repeat.

Assign one healer to take care of the bat handler, I do it in our group, and make sure he never goes below 350k hp(like I did a few times until I got the bosses ability rotation down) so that he doesn't wind up getting splattered all over the ground.

Once we learned the damage from the stalactites could be pretty much ignored it became 100 times easier and we killed it within 2 pulls of that I believe. Those things do far more damage than you think.

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