Any other new players?

Earthen Ring
Ive been playing for a couple on months but get bored of questing and doing dungeons alone very quick. None of my friends play this game so im trying to find new players like myself that are down to Quest do dungeons level as a team. Im also into rp being the reason i chose this realm . Anyways message me if you are interested
First of all in order to have friends you need to have long flowing blond hair like me... 2nd of all Dordrey is the only paladin with friends so please reroll to a different class.. 3rdly You're hairstyle is also terrible in order to have true friends they need somewhere nice to hold on tight to for friend things. 4thly HI GRONIX YOU GRUMPY OLD DWARF WANNA COMB MY HAIR?!? 5thly If you want to find true friends in this game go to goldshire on moonguard.
I beg to differ Dordrey. I am a Paladin and I have friends :D

Also, you do not need to have long flowing blonde hair.

FINALLY - Moonguard is a scary place where creepy people lurk. You should stay away from there, unless you are into that kind of thing *looks at Dordrey*

~~~ Tay Tay
If you ever need some gold ask me I generally give some away when i'm in a real good mood. Theres no better feeling than being generous. now and then 10k.
I hear you man, I quit and came back a couple weeks ago and I'm already bored of dungeons runs since I already have what I need from heroics except for the purples that have a .3 drop chance. Ran 10 man MSV and had Starcaller given to a main spec healer from the raid leader without any notification of what their intentions were and 4 of us left because of it. I'd like to be able to do a raid every now and then to get gear, but i cant get into them unless I get better gear and I can't do that unless I Farm dailies nonstop or spend hours upon hours pvping. Not much of a choice.
Hey man! Ill reroll a toon and Ill play with ya if you like. :)

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