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I'm retiring my 10 year old machine, and need advice about a new one, so I have a few questions:

1) I figure I may as well make the move to Win 8. Does WoW work well in Win 8? Not interested in people's opinions about Win 8 overall, just how well it functions as a gaming platform.
2) Is there a noticeable difference in using solid state drives over platters? Enough to justify the extra cost?
3) Does 64 bit improve the performance of WoW?
4) What is the minimum RAM I should go for?
5) Any other advice?

Thanks in advance!
1) Windows 8 should work fine

2) yes there is a noticeable difference between a solid state drive and hard drive, load time is significantly faster, 120-256 should be more than enough for games and windows. Get a hard drive and solid state drive if you like to store things. *store it on the hard drive of course*

3) Yes but I myself cannot explain it perhaps someone else can.

4) 8gb for the time being. Ram price gone up a bit. So I do not see any other reason to justify getting 16 unless you are an editor or some kind.

5) consult this guide for some builds example if you don't know what to get.

2) If you have the money, a ~256gb SSD for windows + programs and then a 1tb HD for storage is great. You can actually snag a 2tb for ~$80. Just depends on how much local storage you need.

3) I noticed quite a difference. It seemed to really improve my minimum frame rate. Note that to run the 64-bit client of WoW, you have to actually go into the WoW program folder, find the WoW-64 launcher, and start from there (create a shortcut), otherwise it will launch the x86 version by default.
Selv, they changed the launcher issue; default WoW launcher will launch correct version of WoW depending on the OS you have.
Ah ok, cool.

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