<The Dedicated Few> is looking for raiders.

Aerie Peak
I am looking for competent and committed raiders for a light 9 hour a week raid schedule. The main group will run Tues/Thurs/Mon with an optional alt run Wed/Sun. both raids will be from 6-9pm server.

I am forming this raid team/guild with a purpose in mind. I was in a guild that went 16/16 prenerf in T14 and we downed the 1st boss in ToT . My problem was I didn't like that people logged in only to raid so outside of our 9 hour a week schedule the guild roster was a ghost town.

My other problem is there are so many 'casual or social or leveling" guilds on aerie peak filled with people who pretend they want to raid. I have no desire to grind LFR and dailies ALL WEEK.

I want a grp of players whose true joy in WoW is raiding and I want to build a social, tight knit grp around that idea.

You can message myself or trykus/nickkilla in game

The perks for all raiders will be free flasks/pots/gems/enchants/repairs. I have a Ventrilo server as well.

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