Any fans of Symphonic/Gothic Metal out there?

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I saw some posts on Doom/Slunge/Drone and another on Black metal so I thought I'd bring in symphonic/gothic metal stuff
What are your favorite bands in these two sub-genres? Favorite song by them?
Epic - Unleashed
Leave's Eyes - For Amelie

Moonspell - Scorpion Flower
Atrocity - Reich of Phenomena

Anything from Cradle Of Filth when Nicholas Barker was in the band.


Sonata Arctica (when Jani Liimatainen was still with them)
Not too big into Gothic (tough I think Anathema might count) but for Symphonic, I do loves me some Nightwish and I've heard quite a few things from Two Steps to Hell that I like, though my experience in both these genres is limited.

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