Answering All Mage RBG QUESTIONS

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Stuck in an airport, bored. Fire any Mage RBG questions at me and I'll try to answer best as I can. I'm a 2200 exp arena, 2900 exp RBGer. If I can't answer a hyper technical Q perhaps a better Mage like Affix will wander in and help out. Feel free to ask general strategy Qs as well.

I'll give simple answers to start but complex answers if requested.

Fire Away!
Ring of frost or Frost jaw

Whats your usual main roll in RBGs?
Fire? No, not viable ATM in my opinion, at the very least Frost is easier and stronger.

Frost jaw or Ice Ward is the better debate. Ring is pretty dead now that any competent player will dodge it / dispell a teammate out immediately. Gone are the days when you would catch a team unexpectedly. Even Ring into a Gorefiends grasp is daily countered by the seconds of warning that the casted ring gives bc all u need is a priest to range the Gorefiend when he sees the ring and MD his mates out.

Your options:
- frostjaw: great for focus cc on heals but it DRs with ur CS silence so it's no home run. Also good for getting another freeze to setup a shatter or Deep without wasting ur pet freeze.

- ice ward: arguably your best option but requires some good micro skill to use effectively. Having never played a healer it's not entirely comfy for me to get Ward on the right guy at the right moment to freeze the other team. That said I think the potential is huge and I'm actively working to improve my skill here. Page 2 of Affix's 5.2 thread has a very promising macro that could help. Also it's nice to ward ursrlf to peel melee - it does not share DR with ur other freezes.
Main Role - depends on the map.

EOTS: defend MT/BE and ninja prot war defended bases. I think I do this as well as anyone, it's kinda my calling card :p Mages are absolutely game breaking in EOTS against any team that defends with a War.

AB/Gilneas: fight in the big fights then defend and opportunistically ninja on Prot wars to deliver a killing blow.

All other maps: DPS and CC to win big fights; be in the right position at the right time.
Stuck in an airport, bored. Fire any Mage RBG questions at me and I'll try to answer best as I can. I'm a 2200 exp arena, 2900 exp RBGer. If I can't answer a hyper technical Q perhaps a better Mage like Affix will wander in and help out. Feel free to ask general strategy Qs as well.

I'll give simple answers to start but complex answers if requested.

Fire Away!

Haste or mastery for frost?

Haste, right?
How do you balance PVP power and resilience? Which one do you think is more beneficial?
PvP power v. Resil:
- RBGs are fundamentally different from arenas. Arena mages will tell u to stack Resil and they're prob right. However, unlike arenas, "train huge Mage" isn't really a viable RBG strat considering the extra heals, positioning, ect. This u don't need ANY extra Resil. Stack power.

Haste / mastery / crit is a much tougher question. I used to try to keep near the crit cap (25) for complicated reasons I won't go into ATM. This season I'm leaning towards haste bc my team is more spread DMG oriented, but if u have a swap n burst comp, mastery will make ur frost more bursty. If u go haste only go to the cap points for specific extra NT ticks. Also account for 5% boomy haste buff. Get to ur reachable tick point then go mastery with leftovers.
Since you aren't being targetted as often, which talent would you usually go with? Ice barrier, flameglow, or Temporal Shield?

And thank you, going to be doing some casual RBGs with some guildies soon. This thread is really helpful :)
if you are horde is undead far and away the best race to play?

the b-elf model looks so much better than undead :-/
how big do you typically go?
staff vs 1h/oh?
if you weren't human and had to use 1 trinket which would it be?

thx in advance for answering all 3, thought of them right after i sent each. re-learning mage atm
i think OP's flight arrived :(
I'd like to know OP's prot war ninja cap strat if he ever checks this thread again.
Icebarrier v. Flameglow v. Temp Shield
- I've been using Temp Shield this expo just because no one else wanted to use it and I figured if I got good at it then opposing players who were used to mages with Ice Barrier would be thrown off. I also like the fact that if I can just escape being focuses, survive and get a heal then Temp Shield will really keep pressure off my Healers by doing the healing for them. That said, I'm seriously considering going to IB this season. IB is definately better in 1v1 situations b/c u can have it up before u engage and use it at least once, if not twice in a 1v1 thereafter. Temp Shield just feels weak in those situations.
- Flameglow is interesting but I don't see it in RBGs. Flameglow is great mitigating lots of little attacks sustained over a decent chunk of time, like say, Warlock Dots. If Flameglow had been around last season during Dot Cleave mania it would have been great. Unfortunately the game is less about sustained damage now and more about burst. Flameglow will not help u when you're getting bursted so ATM I don't see it catching on.

Undead v. B-Elf
- My buddies are always complaining about how OP Undead is and how much they wish we could be Undead. At the same time I don't think you're gimping yourself by going BE if u get really good at maximizing the potential of the BE silence.

Staff v. One-Hander / OH
- I get this question all the time. One-Hander/OH is slightly better due to the extra enchant and in arenas u can melee down totems with a faster weapon speed. However, if, like me, you have been playing this game since Vanilla and you don't really care about a super miniscule differnce like that and you just want to look badass with your Grand Marshal Staff transmog... maybe you go staff :P

1 Trinket for non-humans
- the on demand burst trinket.

Ninja Capping in EOTS
- I'm hesitant to give my ninja capping stuff away because I think its a huge advantage for my team in EOTS that hasn't caught on with many other teams.... BUT screw it, its not easy to replicate because you need your team to cover your butt.

- Start by capping MT/BE. Your tank / other tower defender will cap DR/FR. He should put any stealthers on the other team as his Focus target and regular target so he can monitor them. He NEEDS to watch them and communicate when/if he loses them. Its not that hard, I mean he's just sitting there doing nothing anyway. If enemy stealthers are unaccounted for you generally can't ninja.

- After u cap and check for missing stealthies you should be opposite the enemy teams' Prot War @ DR/FR. (If they defend with another class this gets alot harder, luckily 70% of teams use Prot wars)

- Toss slowfall on yourself and mount up. You need to have Imp Invis (thats a whole different discussion lol). Ride and jump off the side of your tower towards the bridge and the enemy prot war's base. Hit imp invis just as u jump, surprise matters here, if you can get within 40 feet of the war b/f u see u coming, you have a big advantage.

- Your Invis will run out b/f u get to the other team's Cap. Thats fine, mount up, ride toward the war, he sees u now and may / may not call for help. [MORE ON THIS BELOW] . Pet Nova him the moment u are in range for it. Deep Freeze him. Good Wars will expect this coming and try to Spell Reflect the Deep. Be patient just fireblast into the Spell Reflect if he does it after the Pet Nova, THEN once its gone, Deep him. Blink to the flag. You MUST be standing ON THE FLAG with 1.5 seconds left on the Deep Freeze. Cast POLY on the war while simultaneously spam clicking the flag cap. He will HAVE to trinket or you will get the cap.

- Once he trinkets just run away from him and the base, fake as if you are going back to defend your own base. He won't chase b/c he will be worried bout his own base. Mount up, ride around (towards ur own base) until your Deep Freeze CD is almost back, then ride right back at him and rinse and repeat above. His Poly DR will have reset and this time he can't trinket and you'll have a ninja cap.

- ADVANCED EOTS NINJA'ing: That all sounds easy right? Not so fast. Good enemies will attempt to counter what you are doing. They usually do one of the two following things, if not BOTH:

[1] Send a guy back to save the war from your ninja cap. This is GOOD for your team b/c you've force them to pull a guy out of the mid fight thus giving your team a man up advantage. You've done your job, don't push it, just ride back towards your base. Watch the "Helper." If he turns around to rejoin the mid fight, you should turn around and go back after the warrior. Generally if u execute a good invis / surprise attack on the war u can force a trinket before the Helper can get near the base to help the war. Once the War's trinket is gone you can really screw with them. Keep riding back to / from the warrior forcing the Helper to stay out of the mid fight OR risk losing the War's base. You can really mess with them by going all the way back to your base and then (with the scared war now watching you like a hawk) Jump from your base, ride towards the War's base and then Invis. If the Helper moves to save the war, just stay in invis and go back to your own base. You've screwed them out of a mid fighter. This synergizes with prob [2]

[2] The smarter enemies will attempt to cap your undefended MT/BE base... I mean u left it WIDE OPEN lol. This is where your teammates come in. First and foremost your own Prot War / 2nd Defender should be keeping tabs on stealthers like a HAWK. If any suddenly disapear from the mid fight (like a rogue or mage) you have to assume they are trying to get your base and have 1 of your own mid-DPS pull out and cover your base. Otherwise you just need competent smart teammates, i.e. "Hey that warlock is running right past us in the mid, headed out the back to our unprotected base..." Johnny teammate DPS needs to follow him out of the fight and D the base. Better yet, if they start doing this in combination with [1] above you can really screw them! If they use a help defender and they see u coming, u invis, they also try to send a guy to ninja your base, but wait... u went back to D it yourself in stealth!! Now they're down TWO guys in the mid and your team should easily win the mid fight.

DISCLAIMER: This is some advanced shiiiit that requires competent teammates. I'd be lying to you if I said I haven't been in a PUG RBG with a bunch of other guys who all think they're pro and what do you know, they don't pay attention to that Warlock/Mage/DK/whatever who blatantly runs past them all, out the back and caps your undefended base.... lol, you can lead a horse to water but u can't make it drink. I'd say this has happened to me at least twice. You will inevitably be blamed for them getting the cap despite it not being your fault and you should expect to hear some major noobie nerd rage. Screw it, the best players are able to coordinate this play and unquestionably it helps your team win EOTS. Don't feel bad if your teammates screw up. Obviously you should explain the basics and thier responsibilities pre-game. This strat has helped my RBG team win a good number of EOTS games against teams with much higher rating that we would prob otherwise lose to. Its just so much pressure. They either lose the base or lose a man in the mid-fight.

Good luck :P
Bump for any Questions today :P
Why is Fire not viable? I know you said that frost is easier, but If you could elaborate a bit more that would be great.

Also, when you have a target in a DF is Ice Lance Spam better than hardcasting Frostbolt?

Lastly, which do you prefer the 5 sec DF stun or 4 sec no GCD? I like the 5 second stun so I can CC a heals to get a kill, or something like that.

Thanks in advance!
Also I see you took Greater invis over Cold Snap, I always thought Cold Snap would be better, for double block, reset freezes and the extra Health. (Note this is from a casual 2v2 Player.)

Is Greater Invis better in an RBG standpoint, or is it a personal preference?

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