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I have been playing as a retribution paladin on Dreadmaul for the past 5 years. During this time I have been a part of a few very casual raid groups, including the guild I currently run. However, finally my need for a slightly higher level of raiding has got the better of me and I'm currently looking for a solid raiding group to slot into.

Being an Australian living in Sydney, I would prefer a group that runs on GMT+10 or GMT+12. As the title suggests, I'm also looking for a guild that performs well, and has high expectations, but doesn't take the game too seriously, to the point where it may feel like a chore. Apart from that, I'm not fussed any of the details.

I'm obviously willing to server transfer to any Oceanic realm, I MAY be willing to faction transfer, if the situation warrants it (I've played Alliance through the entire of my 7 years playing this game).

About myself:

I consider myself to be a highly skilled player of the retribution paladin, as I've been doing it for so long and have adapted my playstyle with the many changes rets have faced. I have lead a guild and a small raiding group for the past few years, so I'm quite good at giving and receiving constructive criticism, as well as helping out other players if needed.

I'm not sure that these facts will mean much, but it's the best I've got considering I haven't done much serious raiding in a long time. I've never been beaten in DPS in a LFR group by another ret paladin, in fact the only people who usually top my DPS are a good 10-15ilvls of gear above me. If you'd like me to send screenshots of my DPS on a particular fight, I'd be willing to do so. I also believe I'm one of (if not) the only melee players on Alliance on my realm to have the Brawler title, which I achieved at 490il.

I have also played in multiple sporting teams through my life, and as such I am HIGHLY competitive. If there is a player/s in the group I think is outperforming me with a similar gear level, I will absolutely strive and not stop working until I am at least on par with them. However, this doesn't interfere with my ability to work as part of a team.

I had quite a few World of Logs rankings through Cataclysm when I raided for a little while on my death knight. I managed a few top 100 rankings as both unholy and when I needed to go blood, even though I was in a raiding group that only ended up 1/8 HM Dragon Soul. I also had a world top 10 holy paladin ranking for Argaloth about two weeks into Cataclysm, when there wasn't a massive gap in gear between myself and the hardcore raiders. These may not be entirely relevant things to point out, but I believe they indicate that I put a lot of work into learning how to play a particular class/spec to it's full potential.

TL;DR version
-- Experienced ret paladin
-- Willing to server change, MAYBE willing to faction change
-- Highly competitive, team player
-- Little hardcore raiding experience, but keen to start
-- 10 or 25 man, it doesn't bother me, as long as I have some flexibility in the odd chance I miss a raid night due to an emergency
-- Raid days: Every day except for Wednesday and Friday will be fine for me, as long as it's no more than 3 nights a week.
-- Raid times: Using GMT+10, I'd prefer a start no earlier than 7:30, and a finish time no later than midnight

If there's a forum you'd like me to sign up to to apply officially, let me know.

Endless Reborn are an Australian based (10) Alliance Semi-Hardcore raiding guild running on Sydney time EST 10+ (currently in day light savings) on the Oceanic guild Frostmourne.

Endless Reborn are in the process (feels never ending) of putting together a top notch team of raiders; and in the spirit of the forums I thought I would drop you a line to see if we may interest you.


We currently raid (Raids may be reduced to 1-2 nights per week only when content is on farm):

Wednesday 7:30 – 10:30 ST (EST).

Thursday 7:30 – 10:30 ST (EST).

Monday 7:30 – 10:30 ST (EST).

Raids may run longer on progression nights (until 11:30 ST for example).


Straight down to business and what everyone really cares about; Progression, we finished Cata as one of the only guilds raiding right up to the buzzer on Jubei’thos, having had a late start in patch 4.3 finishing 7/8HM. We raced into 5.0 only to have to hang ten while our Raid Leader and Guild master got married and were away for 7+ weeks honeymooning and unfortunately we lost a few sold players due to the time lag. We finally found our feet again by moving off the Alliance dead server Jubei’thos and onto Frostmourne were we finished 5.1 with 10/16NM. We are now 1/12 ToT and are looking to fill the final slots for the core line up so we can smash ToT NM out and starting working on HM progression.

Any decent raider out there would frown on our progression in 5.1 and honestly I don’t blame you, it’s bloody terrible! But the honest truth and strength to our group is most of us could have left and joined other pre established guilds and gone out with a bang; but we didn’t! We have banded together in the hopes that we can fill our final slots with sold, skilled raiders who want to make a long term home with us and who share the same frame of mind towards raiding.


To do this we need the fill the last three positions (Only three slots but they are proving to be extremely hard to fill) with mature players that understand the basic point of the game, both simple and complex raid mechanics, and understand that while acquiring gear is an excellent short term personal goal, the most important goal is seeing success through end game content together, as a guild. Anyone with any sort of past experience understands that most gear comes easy in raiding guilds… and in a month or two needs to be replaced, so don’t make your time in this game strictly about gear. Whether you PVE or PVP, the point of this is to have fun and to find people you enjoy doing it with.

If we sound like we could be the right group for you feel free to add me in game for a chat and from there we can move onto mumble or Skype for a further chat: Sanctuary#6416 AKA Travis


We are currently looking for interest in the following roles (We have the flexibility in our current players to move tanks & healers around for the right person applying) :


• Blood DK
• Protection Pally
• Protection Warrior


• Lock
• Ret Pally
• Warrior
• S-Priest
• Frost DK
• Ele Shammy

• Holy Pally
• Resto Shammy
• Disc / Holy Priest

As we have recently been burnt by BAD players we are being EXTREAMLY picky with who we are even considering for a trial, so if you don’t like to be asked quite a few screening question and put in an application then we are probably not for you.

We are looking for older 20’s +, mature, focused, punctual, RELIABLE, raid aware, past raid experience, long term raiders who will communicate on mumble and contribute to the guild.


If you’re interested jump on endlessreborn.info and put in an application, remembering the effort you put into your application reflects on the kind of player you are and if we will consider you, if your answers are all one word or even one sentence your application will be rejected...

Looking forward to talking to you soon :)
Hi, thanks for the information.
Your guild seems to be exactly what I am looking for, however, as of only a couple days ago, I can no longer commit to raiding on Wednesday nights, and as such I may have to look elsewhere.

I will also update my original post to indicate these changes in my availability.

Thanks a lot for the interest, though. :)
Hey there! If you are willing to faction change

Is A Panda is a late night raiding guild based on Frostmourne with most of our raiders based in Perth (GMT +8 time zone) and we raid from 12am till 3am wed+thurs+mon. We are reforming our 25man group due to attendance issues which has led to a lack of progression and therefore some members quitting, so there are core raid spots open.
We are currently 1/12 ToT but have almost downed Horridon, even with core members not showing up (which shows we still have potential). We also do still have our great leadership group to help get 25man back on track and to get us progressing again.We have core positions open if you can commit to being reliable and wanting to work at progression.
Come talk to us here: http://isapanda.shivtr.com/if you are interested in 25man or add my battletag Kaddy#1158 , thanks
Thanks for the reply.

12am-3am GMT+8 (which would be about 3am-6am, my time) might be a little too late for me to commit too.

Thanks anyway.
Nagrand - US

If our times and goals meet your own - i'd like to hear from you. hit me for a chat. guild is newly formed but strong officer/leadership with 12/12 xp moving into a little more casual raiding but progressing the same. Strong heroic background raiders with much to offer. Clear all content from BC - MoP

Safe Sane Consensual has just been formed with some strong raiders who couldn't find what they where looking for in previous guilds - and have a well established background of killing bosses since BC. We have strong leadership and are looking for raiders to make friends and form a raid team with a few things in mind - having fun and killing bosses. The leadership already has experience in ToT, up to and including Lei Shen. We have cleared all previous content while it was current ( BC - Cata ). We are looking to bring in some like minded people and once again run our own guild due to no other giving us what we need.
The guild, as it well should, will provide flasks/food/repairs/enchants and gems and offer a fair loot system that benefits all involved in the kill and rewarding the players who turn up day in - day out and generally be involved with the guild.

What do I need to join? - You need to know your class inside and out - know how to turn up to raids and be involved in the guild - experience in ToT isn't necessarily required - but obviously doesn't hurt. Gear is important to an extent, but playing your class is more valuable than any other asset you can bring.

Raid nights are going to be

- Monday - 7:30pm - 10:30pm AEST
-Thursday - 7:30pm - 10:30pm AEST
-Saturday - 8:00pm - 12:00am AEST

Currently recruiting all classes and specs at this time.

Give me or anyone else in the guild a bell in game - Barrowwind#1537

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