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There were many things that Alviira knew as a mage. The mysteries of Time and space were nearly second nature to her. But as a serious student of Arcane she also knew her lack of knowledge was far greater. Many things had tickled her mind as she explored Pandaria. Traveling with Lorewalker Cho was one of her brightest ideas so far.

He was a kindly Pandaren and very rotund. Alviira was constantly reminded of her smaller stature when around the Lorewalker. He would offer her treats and tea, often chiding her she was much too thin. Alviira merely smirked and bowed to him with a smile. "I am just fine for a Sindorei, Lorewalker Cho. Would you be so kind as to help me in my research? I want to know more about this land and its people. The history itself only becomes riddled with more puzzles and new information constantly." her tone one of earnest pleading as she looked him in the eyes.

Alas, even for all her wiles as a Sindorei, Lorewalker Cho merely shrugged and pointed out the scrolls and hangings that dotted the land. He rumbled on and on that records of the past were everywhere. You simply has to explore and find them. He was kind enough however to give her a special scroll that would help her to decipher these things and put them into their proper perspective.

"But I am not Pandaren, how will I know if these scrolls are truth or if someone has altered them to suit their needs? Surely the many races here that make Pandaria home will try to manipulate things to better their position?" her logic was of course typical of a Sindorei noblewoman. She assumed all of them were out to make their particular race dominant. Which may or may not be true.

Stroking his chin and contemplating his cup of brew for a very long time, the Lorewalker finally came to a conclusion. "I agree that some things may be similar to the rest of Azeroth in terms of basic politics. But there are things here in Pandaria that are different. The only way you will be able to see this is to travel the land and meet all of its races and beings. Then and only then will you even 'begin' to understand it. You must keep an open mind and spirit to seek the truths that exist. Be patient, be open, be aware of all around you. I have never claimed to know everything, for that is ignorance and pride speaking. I seek knowledge and enlightenment everyday. I suggest you gather a party together and explore Pandaria . May all of the Celestials guide you and help you along the way."

Setting her cup of tea back on the table, Alviira rose and bowed deeply to the Lorewalker. "I will do as you suggest, I will seek out a few stalwart companions to aid me and together we shall explore Pandaria. I thank you for the tea and guidance."


All right forum rpers, it has been a while since I have set up a forum rp. I am thinking it will be closed only because I want a certain level of competence in writing and I wish to give those who are new to the forums a chance to get their feet wet.

The basic rules are expected, no God moding, no outrageously overpowered characters, no belittling or harassing your fellow rpers, a proper respect for the general grammar and spelling, we all like to read. That means you capitalize the first word of every sentence and the word "I" is always capitalized. This will be an experiment of sorts and I hope I will entertain and enlighten all of you with this thread.

I would like to see the kind of posters in here who take the time to write out several paragraphs to get their story out. I do not care for those who break lore, but bending is acceptable as long as I do not hear any screaming. I expect a reasonable schedule of posting at least once a day. Real life interrupts I know are unavoidable, but if you can at least post a few times a week it would be better than going weeks with no word from you!

I want a few to group up with Alviira, perhaps a similar group on Alliance side led by an Alliance character to do a parallel path. The object is to explore Pandaria and bring some life to the lore we find in game to the forums. I intend on setting us some challenges along the way. I fully expect and welcome with open arms any Pandaren who wish to join Alviira. Please remain in character as much as you can as a Pandaren. If you wish to have some of your friends in the land or relatives used as npcs that would be wonderful.

I also would be open to anyone who wishes to portray one of the native people such as the Hozen or Jinyu. Be cautious about portraying one of the enemy races however, as we would expect you to be attacking rather than joining us. Opposition is fine if you want to use it as a second character to offer us some fun in the thread. Try to stay true to these races as much as you can with your observations in game.

Above all I want all who join us to have fun and enjoy the experience. Sign ups I expect you to follow the template as follows.

Race and faction:
Gender and age:
Description include armor and weapons:
Basic History:
Reason you want to join Alviira or a similar Alliance group:

I also wish to know what it is about Pandaria you find the most appealing and exciting. I want to create a long lasting thread and loyal followers, your help in doing this is appreciated.
I have reserved this to make a list of characters and our progress at gathering information.

All right, here is a list. If you do not see your name here I have reservations on your grammar, spelling or the appropriate characters you have listed. Nothing personal, I have reasons for asking for good grammar and spelling, it makes it easier for me to understand what you are posting. Characters that might be violent or disruptive I am not going to accept. I do not mind character flaws, in fact I welcome them. Personal vendettas, no, sorry this is not going to be a violent thread. If you cannot post at least every other day, I am not likely to be happy. Mainly because it forces everyone else to wait for you to post and the thread bogs down in apathy.

1. Karel-human rogue
2. Zikara-draenei priest- (Iziri)
3. Erani-draenei warrior
4. Kianna- draenei warrior
5. Lineron-BE Death Knight
6. Xianli-Pandaren
7. Derek-worgen
8. Charles-worgen
9. Gorin-dwarf
10. Daenith-Forsaken (blood elf)

This is the limit. As long as there is room we can accept more. If someone drops out we can accept more. If you cannot post for a few days because of real life but wish to continue you can give someone control of your character. If you do not post at all for a week I am dropping you. Though that does not mean you cannot rejoin later if your time permits.

This will be a leisurely thread pretty much. We are going to explore Pandaria and give some life to what we experience in game. With some character interaction to make it fun. All references to lore in the thread should match what is in game. If I question your source be prepared to tell me where you found it in game.
This is a space reserved for additional comments and lore filler.

Edit: Thanks Sir Dots, went back and changed it!! Lorewalker it is!

Hmm... I see I am getting a loyal following...(blush) truthfully I do not have a very solid plot for this thread. I want to see if I can get some ideas by who signs up. Character development is great and that is the main reason why we do these threads.

I am thinking maybe of making this a dueling group kind of thing. To see who can find the most lore in game maybe? Think of it like this, there are all kinds of places you find the little shrine kind of things, where they give you a tidbit of lore. I know there are some in the beginning of Pandaria where Lorewalker Cho shows you the places and how he deciphers them. So I challenge you in game to have a character in this thread who actually will look for these shrines and report back on your findings.

(It cracks me up in this game how the npcs will say 'we' need to do this and this and then it is 'you' who go and actually do them while they sit there and watch.)

Of course we will meet some enemies along the way and some SHA! That I want to emphasize, the fact this land is very different from the rest of Azeroth. There seems to be spells or other ways of coaxing that filament of Sha from a person when we suspect they have been infected. This I also want incorporated into this thread. Also, I am thinking some or all of us might be tempted to become Sha infested. Which is fine, just give us an opportunity to rid you of it and of course no killing of a character without their permission!

Any thoughts on this? I do appreciate feedback.
I hope I am not making this in vain. If you are interested please do not hesitate to add your comments and suggestions.
Ah iz da interesteds. I will probably make a siggy later, after I finish some work.

BTW, I think it's LoreWALKER Cho. Or did he get an upgrade from after the Jade Forest?
Just to clarify, are we writing here what we do in game, or am I misunderstanding?
I’m definitely interested! Finally! A Pandaria thread! I think I’ll give Erani a break and introduce one of my newer characters.

Name: Zikara
Race: Draenei, Priest
Faction: Alliance
Gender: Female

Age: Unknown

Description include armor and weapons: Her skin and hair are a deep violet. Her hair is shoulder length and generally worn loose. (she looks kinda like my hunter, heh. They're not related, I just really like that look.) It may sometimes fall over her face, so she can be seen pushing it back very often. Her figure is tall and willowy; she stands at just below 7 feet. Her shoulder is marked with a grizzly scar which travels down to the small of her back. She is generally dressed in black and white robes and carries a deep violet, crystal forged staff.

Basic History: ((unfortunately Auchindoun history is pretty vague so I’m not sure if I got this story right. This is a fairly new character that I just finished developing so if anyone has any suggestions for improvement I would greatly appreciate it.)) Born in Shattrath with the rare ability to see and communicate with the dead, Zikara was groomed from an early age to become an anchorite of Auchindoun, more commonly known as a “death priest”. When she reached adolescence, she left for Auchindoun to complete her training. As the other anchorites grew more and more corrupt with the influences of the dying Naaru, D’ore, Zikara fled back to her home city of Shattrath before she herself would lose all sense and before the Shadow Council took over. She was not left completely unscathed. Her former mentor saw her abandonment as a betrayal and gravely injured her as she was fleeing, leaving the striking scar on her shoulder. The void energies emitted from D’ore have also damaged her sanity to an extent. She did eventually reach Shattrath and was treated for her injuries there. By then, the other draenei had long heard of the corruption in Auchindoun. While the other draenei were willing to offer her their hospitality, she is still to this day often looked upon with pity and mild distrust. Upon preparation for the orcish invasion, Zikara was instructed by her mother and father to flee to Zangarmarsh. After much argument, she reluctantly complied. She would eventually join the storming of Tempest Keep and help liberate the Exodar, which would eventually crash on Azeroth.

She is guilty of having once wielded void magic, however, she has abandoned the practice since she returned to Shattrath. Though, because of her previous use of void magic and having been rendered mentally unstable due to exposure, she lost her title of Anchorite among the draenei. She now practices shadow magic in secret though she may still perform holy spells such as healing to keep up appearances. ((Her story beyond that is still unwritten/unknown))

Reason you want to join Alviira or a similar Alliance group: Zikara has always been curious about Azeroth and enjoys traveling among its lands. She would likely jump at the chance to explore Pandaria. She will most likely join an alliance group is such a thing appears, due to her distrust of blood elves and the horde in general, however she could also cooperate with Alviira if given the chance to get to know her.

Note: I'm mostly interested in the sha in Pandaria. I feel like they make a great spring well of character development opportunities! Forcing them to confront their inner turmoils and what not.
Hey Guys, This is Alviira alt, and I am going to toss Sylvia in here to lead the Alliance group. It fits in well with her character who is obsessed with the search for books and tomes of lore.

And yes this is a forum thread, and we will be finding stuff in game to use in here. I may just do some simple puzzle type questions and see how quickly someone can find the answers. I am not averse to any of the posters to finding a puzzle to give us either. I will put Sylvia and Alviira 's sign ups in a separate post.

So no one has a Pandaren they want to throw in here?
Lol, this is Shadowark btw, we just need lineron and ein and we got the surviving group from your last thread X D

*places down reserve* Was planning on joining anyway. Probably go with Daenith and Lineron. Again. Because originality.
Erani: *Sees Lineron in the thread* I wanna go too!

Me: No, Erani, you've been kidnapped twice by a goblin and a lich and sent to northrend to battle a giant shadow monster thing. Aren't you tired by now?

Erani: But...but-!

Me: No but's! You need a break!

Erani: *sniffle* Q_Q

Edit: I might actually throw one of my gnomes at this later. Definitely going to be my DK if any. She's the most fun to RP.
Well, someone's gotta fill the roll!

Erani: I am NOT crazy!
Hey guys this is Derrekk, this guy's my main. Don't even bother with asking the origins of his name... I really have no idea... Anyway, I'm gonna roll a character based off of this guy and join this thread :) (With a better name).
Ok guys remember to check some of the earlier posts here as I update and toss ideas around. Also I will start a list of accepted. Please remember I expect good spelling and grammar. I am not a grammar nerd, it's just I like to see things done right. Capitalize the first letter of names, the first letter of a sentence, place names are in that category.

Oh? I see you are all planning on trying to rescue those characters you had before? Hmm...did the Baron actually let them go? I do believe that Ein is still stuck there. I have not seen him post in awhile... (chuckles evilly)
I was just thinking about it and I have come to a realization that Zikara would need someone to accompany her to keep her from going too crazy on this journey.
I can't use Ascul or Iziri. As strict Light followers, Zikara wouldn't be free to use her shadow magic as needed. My two death knights, Rysill and Pib are out of the question. If she starts freaking out from hallucinations or seeing the dead, Death knights aren't really much comfort. Hmm...

Erani: *is jumping up and down* Oooh! me me me me me me!!!

Me: I would send my new gnome warlock, but he wouldn't be much comfort either seeing as Zikara is terrified of demons.... Not to mention I haven't even thought of a name for him yet.

Erani: *her voice raises several octaves* Oh! Oooh! PICK ME!

Me: So I guess that leaves...

Erani: ME!

Me: *stares at Erani for a long moment*

Erani: ... o.o

Me: *sigh* okay, get your big blue butt in here...

Erani: YES! I always knew I was jour favorite!

Me: (I'm am weak) Sorry guys, change of plans. Erani just happens to be the most compatible character I have for poor little Zikara. I'll have Erani's app up in a little bit.

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