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Are you accepting -newish- roleplayers in this one? If so I'll put in an app.
Karel: Hello space goat, I look forward to chopping off heads alongside you.

Oh, think I'll just put my app in anyway! Worst that can happen is being denied, I guess!

Kialla: *Nods excitedly*

And yes, I did read that part, but wasn't sure exactly what the parameters of a 'new' roleplayer was. I'm not actually new to roleplay, just new to WoW rp. :)
Derek and Aevus made it out alive (not sure how) but Derek I have in another thread and I don't want to overuse him, while Aevus isn't much the adventurer type. Sorry for not posting an application yet, but I had an appointment then diner and now I'm watching a movie... Sooooooooorry......
Name: Erani the Reckless

Race: Draenei, warrior

Faction: Alliance

Gender: Female

Age: 400-600 years (rough estimate)

Description include armor and weapons: Shoulder length, Indigo hair always done up in a ponytail. Light, pale blue skin with freckles beneath her eyes. Wide spread bull-like horns. A septum piercing. Lots of faint, crisscrossing scars all over her body. A golden band at the end of her tail. As with most Draenei armor, hers is crystal forged. A fairly basic armor set embedded with crystals at the breastplate and at her boots. Her shield is a light violet color with the symbol of the Naaru in the center. Her sword is sleek and double edged, adorned with crystals at the hilt and along the sides of the blade.

Basic History: Erani was born to a small draenic settlement to a priestess mother and a paladin father. She was their second child. Her older brother, Ascul, was already an adult long before she was born. He acted as more of a third parent to her. Erani has always been known to be a trouble maker since she was a child. Her brutish and fiery personality would often clash with those of the other, gentler, draenei children. Because of this, she would often bully them and pick fights. Her father saw this and thought that perhaps if she had a vent for all of her excess energy, she would be better behaved, so he began training her in the art of combat. It worked, and since then she has been much more mild mannered and friendly. Erani was originally going to be trained in the ways of the paladin but lacked the patience to wield the Light properly, and so she became a warrior.
When corrupted orcs invaded their village, Erani’s father was among the slain in those who fought to defend their village. She, her cousin (Reli/Rysill for those that know her), her brother (Ascul), her mother, and her aunt and uncle, were forced to retreat with the other surviving draenei to Shattrath. They acted as guards and escorts to their small band of roughly 30 survivors. They stayed in Shattrath until it was invaded by the corrupted orcs. They left just before the battle to escort their band of survivors to Zangarmarsh where they hid in crude settlements until the storming of Tempest Keep was organized. Erani, her mother, Ascul, and Reli left to fight, while her aunt and uncle were among those that stayed behind.
They fought to liberate the Exodar from the blood elves, however when it crashed on Azyremyst Isle, Erani’s mother did not survive. She died from her wounds days later. Erani suffered from a severe concussion and was gored by debris upon impact. She was unconscious for a few weeks before awakening to the news that her mother had passed. With time she was able to make a full recovery, however after all that had happened, her faith in the Light was very much shaken and the combination of her head injury and possible PTSD is believed to have driven her slightly mad.

Reason you want to join Alviira or a similar Alliance group: Erani has recently befriended Zikara. She would be one of the very few who know she practices shadow magic. Zikara likely mentioned leaving for Pandaria to her and Erani has chosen to tag along due to her unquenchable thirst for adventure. Not to mention, she has been there a once before and would be a good escort for her.

Erani (at Karel): I think like you already.
Anyway, application! :D

Name: Kialla

Race: Draenei

Faction: Alliance

Gender: Female

Age: Adult

Description including armor and weapons:
Long and dark hair starkly contrasts her pale skin, the bluish hue rendering that marks her race near bereft from her own features. She stands at about six and half feet and retains a fairly muscular tone within the softer, feminine countenance of her body. Hidden beneath her clothing, painful marks adorn her skin and scarring her torso and left arm, the remnants and reminder of the fiery magics wielded by warlocks. The scars extend onto her hand, visible to those who look closely, the skin jagged and rough.

Her armor now is human forged, a heavy plate, bound with leather, and padded with a soft cotton. The metallic shine has long since tarnished, leaving it a dull white, chipped and grooved with the warded strikes that would have otherwise landed a deadly blow.

Her shield however, one of the few relics she yet possesses from her former home, still holds its glamour, the bluish gems still gleaming within their sockets and the shining symbol of the Narru still resolute within the crystalline surface. Her sword dances with a bluish energy, the powerful enchantment burning itself into the flesh when struck.

Basic History:
A former vindicator, Kialla once wielded the powers gifted by the Light. Such gifts lay beyond her capacity to draw upon since the genocide committed on her race, the voice stolen from her throat by Blackhand's warlocks.

Her home city on Draenor threatened to be destroyed like the many others had been, Kialla led a defensive skirimish against a small orc warband with the hope to both deter the orcish horde and gain information on their adversary. Her own band was victorious over the smaller orc party, her own life was left near forfeit as the sudden realization of the power the orcs now wielded left her lying, screaming in agony as the magic enveloped her body seemingly setting her own flesh blistering in shadowy flames.

Prayers to the Light from her companions subdued the deceitful spells, but the damage was more extensive than what could be healed on the field. The next several days she spent in the care of her brother, a devout priest. Though his continuous efforts and prayers did return Kialla her strength and vigour, her voice was not, leaving her unable to speak or call upon the Light herself.

The orcs ravished the area in within the next few weeks, bringing them close to the city, and with the orders given by the elders, Kialla nd the rest of the inhabitants abandoned their home and made for Shattrath.

They were quite happy to find the large city still there, hidden from the hungry, prying eyes of the Horde, though such happiness did not last long with the news that nearly their entire race was what remained there in the city. Days later, again they left for the Zangarmarsh as the horde prepared to assault the city. To Kialla's horror, her own brother volunteered to remain behind within the city and stand against the horde. Even against her tears and pleading, her stout sibling refused to be swayed in his decision, and bayed her flee the city.

The Zangarmarsh gave little reprieve to Kialla with the reflection of the loss of the majority of her race. Honing her own physical combat skills was the main outlet of her sorrow since she had lost her ability to voice her thoughts. Dutifully she later followed as Velen led the remainder of the Draenei to charge the Tempest Keep and wrestle control of the Exodar. Since it's untimely and rough arrival on Azuremyst Isle, she has served in the Alliance military, helping to batter off the Horde and the Burning Legion.

Reason you want to join Alviira or a similar Alliance group:
Having served in Pandaria once already, the land there, and the Pandaran people seemed to bring memories to her mind that held resonance of her life on Draenor before the arrival of Kil'jaeden, and visiting it with the chance to explore it more thoroughly is unresistable to Kialla.
im a pretty sketchy poster (Not on all of the time, but making a dual threat team for this.

Name: Garrett (Blackarrow) Bennadict
Race and faction: Gilnean forsaken; himself
Gender and age: male; 41 when died

Description include armor and weapons: The only parts of his body you can see are his rotting yleeow join bones and spine. He has no jaw so he uses a small robot to translate his gutterspeak to any language(when i say he said "...." it means he grunted in gutter speak and the bot translated it, or ill use italics for gutterspeak to another forsaken.) He wears a black mask simillar to the BoA leather helm, and the usual black rougish armor. He has a long cape that is so long that it follows him on the gound. He has two guns on his back(one short ranged rifle, and one long range) two flintlock pistols on his sides, two wicked daggers strapped to his boots, and vials of poison/gun pouches covering his belt. his eyes glow orange rather than yellow. He also wears a gilneas tabard so tatared, you can't even tell what it was anymore.

Basic History: Blackarrow was born and raised inside gilneas city. when the worgen attacked, he was spared, only to find himself dead at the feet of the forsaken. He left the undead army as soon as he could possibly leave, and found himself roaming in many of lorderon's forests. he is a mercianarry for hire(though he is usually hired by the forsaken.) and all he cares about anymore is money, and a slim hope of being reunited with his people. a while ago, he was punished for not finishing a job because he couldn't bear to kill a man in high status with the gilneas army. that is how he lost his lower jaw.

Reason you want to join Alviira or a similar Alliance group: he was hired by the character below to aid them.

Name: (no first name) "Moldeye" Jenkins
Race and faction: Forsaken, and the forsaken, not the horde, the forsaken.
Gender and age: Male 23 when died

Description include armor and weapons: A long sleek black robe, oozing with green sludge, a simple black mask (Similar to the item vishas' mask) and a long scythe with a slender and 'wobbly' pole made of dead wood, and a black obsidium blade, dripping with geen fluid. He also has green blue tufts of hair sprouting out at various places.

Basic History: Moldeye Jenkins was born in arathi, but soon after was moved to elwynn forest. about a year of so after the incident at gilneas he met a high up officer in the gilnean army. they became good freinds. right before his twenty second birthday he was attacked, and fell down into a plagued chasm where he rose as a forsaken. He blames that officer forever more for his death and has hired several mercenarys to kill him, all of whom have failed. but one came close, and still lives, Blackarrow. he will do anything and everything to kill this officer, and he knows that his day is coming...

Reason you want to join Alviira or a similar Alliance group: Because knolege is power, and this pwer has a key to finding the officer's weaknessess.

by the way, i dont add much into the history because a: it takes up too much time and im lazy, and b: i like the people i RP with to figure it out on their own.
Name: Lineron Plagueweaver

Race and faction: Blood Elf (Death Knight), Silvermoon and the Ebon Blade

Gender and age: Male, 200 (at time of death)

Description include armor and weapons: Lineron stands at 6" 2' with Blueish green hair in the Falcon hairstyle. His build was the obviously the one he had in life, only you know now enhanced with undead strength, he has a more muscular build. Scattered around his body are unholy runes used to aid in his spells and plagues. His armor is that of the Scourge Lords along with a hood that covers his face. In terms of weapons he has a runeblade adorned with unholy runes running along it.

Basic History: Lineron was born in Silvermoon City to a mother who worked most of the time just to support him and his sister Daenith as well as there drunk of a father. But unfortunetly she ended up falling ill and past away. But on the bright side(?) there father immediately thought of the best insult towards there mother. His sister proceeded to throw a fireball into there fathers chest, while he was on the ground being barely able to breath, Lineron grabbed his father's dagger and proceeded ti slowly slit open his throat.

Fast forward to his early adulthood, he joined the Blood Knights in hopes of spreading justice across the land (which for the record in his mind involves slow and painful deaths). After his sister died he was left to take care of his nephew, who wished to become a priest of Silvermoon. During a trek into the Ghostlands with his nephew to aid a camp of soldiers, they discovered that the camp had been overrun with Scourge and walked into a ambush. While Carinoth ran up ahead to go get help, Lineron stayed behind to slow them down and unfortunetly perished. His corpse was then taken to Acherus and when he was raised into undeath, was found worthy of becoming a Death Knight. He took part in the destruction of the Scarlet Enclave and the Battle of Light's Hope Chapel. After he was freed from the Lich King's grasp he sought vengeance against him and to also redeem himself in the eyes of his people, but still using his unholy gifts to do so. After the Lich King's fall and the start of the Cataclysm, he started growing disillusioned with the Horde and after Garrosh became Warchief, quickly left the Horde and simply now serves the Ebon Blade and Quel'Thelas (also has no started making a living by torturing whats left of the Twilight Cult, he hates cultists). After the Fall of Deathwing, he discovered that his nephew was still alive, but had become a semi-emotionless Shadow Priest that has a deep seeded hatred for Light-wielders. Also that his sister had been resurrected by the Forsaken and now had become a warlock and has a deep seeded hatred for.....really anything that messes with either her or her family. Best. Family. Ever.

Reason you want to join Alviira or a similar Alliance group: Lineron has heard stories from Pandaria telling of the "Sha". After telling his sister about them, she decided that both him and her were going to Pandaria to learn more about them and there affects on people. Also for Lineron to find a way to make them suffer.....

((Will get a app. for Daenith up sooner or later. Latest might be tomorrow))
Will get siggys up in maybe an hour. K? K.
Ok, I do want to be a part of this thread, but I was busy with RL today and likely will be tomorrow until around noon PDT. Sorry for all the waiting!
Will get the post up tomorrow, lost track of time.
It looks like my group will be mixed, since you all seem to think the factions are not at war in Pandaria...(tongue in cheek). So I will allow this and for anyone who has rped with Alviira before you can assume she knows you. It seems to work well as long as we remember to keep it IC.

Derrek where is your sign up? And Sr Dots, I would like to have you in here, but not sure you are going to be comfortable around these nu...ummm...nice people who do not feel obligated to be at war with each other even though they are of opposite factions.
Name: Xian Li Honningbrew

Race and faction: Alliance allied Pandaren

Gender and age: Female, 21

Description include armor and weapons: Xian Li stands around 5' 8" her fur a jumbled combination, of Red-Brown and Tan fur, her hair shares the Red-Brown color, aside from a section of her bangs that she died blue shortly after joining the Alliance, a portion of her hair is pulled back into two ponytails, another section forms a small braid that falls over her left cheek, and the rest simply falls down to her shoulder blades.

For equipment Xian Li wears a set of Dark Blue armor (Current transmog gear), her main weapons are her hand and feet, but she carries her families blade on her back and is equally proficient at wielding it.

Basic History: Born in Zouchin Village, Xian Li was trained by her father at a young age in the combat skills of a monk, though she had little aptitude for it she remained diligent and slowly honed her skill. At night she would listen to her father retell the tales of Liu-Lang and his many adventures, kindling a feeling of wanderlust within her. When she reached the age of 18 she began helping her aging father in the family brewery, and several years later the mists cleared and stranger began to arrive on the shores of Pandaria. Believing this to be her chance of exploring the lands beyond, she left her village to explore the other continents of Azeroth.

Reason you want to join Alviira or a similar Alliance group: After several months away from home Xian Li desires to return to Pandaria, to visit her family again and to share all of the adventures she has had throughout her travels.
my twocharacters are fueled by hatred... one towards the horde (even though he is one) and the other one to the most part of the alliance because of one person. I love charater looops and stuff in my characters.

BTW i hope my 2 characters don't know you... that would spoil the fun!
I'm sorry I'm slacking. I'm trying to write up my admission but keep getting distracted by an endless variety of things. I promise I'll get one up in the next hour or so.

For faction stuff, Derek is more anti-Hordeness while my hunter is Save-the-world. (Derek - PVP, Gridas(going to go by a different name once I come up with one) - PVE).

How closely together will the two factions be? Will we sometimes meet up when doing similar things? While I'm more of a bi-factioner myself (probably a bit more Alliance than Horde) I can't really see how we could realistically work very closely together; isn't Garrosh really hating on anyone who tries to be friends with Alliance?
I think we can go by groups such as the Cenarion Circle and the Earthen Ring, both factions can work side by side if the individuals are willing. We are not looking for fights we are looking for lore and discovering Pandaria.

Deadmane I am afraid that your two characters would not fit here. I suggest you find another thread to join. You have good characters, just not suitable here.

Xianli thanks for your interest!! I accept you and hope you will enjoy this peaceful journey in seeking out the lore. All the help we can get to understand the Pandaren people and the land is appreciated!
Name: Daenith Felweaver

Race and faction: Undead (Blood Elf), Silvermoon

Gender and age: Female, 500 (at time of death)

Description include armor and weapons: She stands at about 6 feet. What is left of her skin is a pale white color. Her hair, despite all of her best efforts, looks extremely unkempt. What she will usually wear for combat are black robes adorned with purple runes. Her cowl also has a drop down mask that conceals her face ((Think warlock tier 10)). Her favored weapon is a long black scythe that acts as her staff.

Basic History: Daenith grew up in Silvermoon city with her mother, father, and younger brother. Her mother would work various jobs to support there family. Her father was a alcoholic and would often torment her and her brother during there early childhood. Later there mother died of illness and there father just thought of the best insult towards there mother and spoke it literally right after she died. In response to this, Daenith threw a fireball at him then stood back as her little brother slit there father's throat. Later in life she grew up to become a minor magister and minor noble of Silvermoon. She also gave birth to her son, Carinoth but did not know who the father was nor didn't really care. When the Scourge invaded Quel'Thelas she was slain, along with many of her kin, trying to hold back the rest of the undead hordes. Her body was taken by the Scourge, but after the Forsaken splintered off from the Scourge she was resurrected by them, started her training as a warlock, and stood under there banner until the events that happened after the Fall of the Lich King. When the Forsaken started the invasion of Gilneas, she started to grow more and more angry at the Forsaken for its constant slaughter of innocent people. Eventually she was ordered to aid in the escort of captured humans in the Plaguelands. What she did instead was set the guards on fire then release the humans. She then proceeded to escape back to Silvermoon, where he discovered that her brother and son were still alive. After her return to Silvermoon, she has decided to bring her family name back to glory, but by using her fel magics to aid her in that cause.

Reason you want to join Alviira or a similar Alliance group: After being told stories of the "Sha" by her brother, she wishes to go and research them in hopes of learning more about there magic and there effects on the minds of people.

Daenith: Well its about DAMN TIME!

Me: Im sorry.....there was homework and

Daenith: Its okay deary, I understand. *pats head*

Me: :3
Ok, as soon as you said 'sha' I couldn't help but add Derek himself into this fic, I just see it as an opportunity to progress his character. He's not an honorless or evil person (he's actually gotten a good bit 'nicer' or something along those lines since the events of your last thread, so expect him to be a BIT more easy to get along with.

Aevus will not be appearing in this fic.

Ok, so here are two character sheets! My main, Gridas, is henceforth renamed Charles McCormick... sounded gilnean to me....

Name: Charles McCormick

Race and Faction: Alliance Worgen (Hunter)

Gender and Age: Male, 35

Description: Charles is a worgen of average height and weight, with black and dark grey fur and bright blue eyes. He has a lean build, and is adept at silently stalking his prey from afar. Despite his preference for long-distance combat, Charles has a variety of scars from different close encounters: a set of bite marks show on his right forearm, his torso is marred by what looks to have been a vicious ravaging, and chunk has been taken out of his left ear.

Weapons and Armor: Despite his preference of silence, Charles wears chainmail armor for the sake of protection, inspired by some disastrous encounters with wild beasts. His armor is gold and bronze, with bright blue accents. Charles’ weapon of choice is a gun, but he also has some skill with bows and crossbows. He doesn’t use melee weapons, but if absolutely forced into short ranged combat, he will use his gun like a club, or as a bayonet if the gun’s design allows it. His current weapon is a rifle with twin blades pointing out from the end.

History: Charles was the son of a huntsman who lived in Stormglen. He learned to hunt and, had fate not intervened, would have continued his family’s tradition. However, during a routine hunt, he was bitten by a worgen. Unaware of what a worgen bite could do, Charles began to make his way home, but turned before he made it back. Most of his feral worgen life took place in the Blackwald, where he hunted as he had in life. Like some other worgen, he was brought to his senses by Krenan Aranas, the royal alchemist, and aided in the Gilneans’ escape from the Forsaken. Despite his love of Gilneas, Charles knew that, for the time being, the Forsaken had won.

Upon his arrival in Darnassus, Charles quickly found his uses in the elven lands of Darkshore, aiding the elves in recovering from the Cataclysm and combatting against the Twilight’s Hammer cultists to the south. Shocked at how much of a difference he had made, Charles went on to Ashenvale, hoping for similar opportunities. However, he quickly became discouraged by the amount of fighting against the Horde; while he despised the Forsaken and disliked the Horde who willingly worked alongside them, Charles thought it was a waste of resources and lives to fight against the Horde. Didn’t they all share common enemies?

Despite his reluctance to aid in Ashenvale, Charles continued fighting for the Alliance, visiting several areas in the Eastern Kingdoms such as Stranglethorn Vale, the Eastern Plaguelands and the Searing Gorge. Even though he preferred to avoid cross-factional conflict, Charles found himself being dragged into it more and more often. Eventually, nearly a year after the Shattering, he was asked to aid in the new areas brought to light by the Cataclysm. Curious of the ancient land’s history, Charles participated in the early expeditions into Uldum. He was fascinated by what he saw there, but also worried; if Deathwing’s agents could cause so much destruction as to bury an entire city, how would Azeroth fare against the Earthwarder himself? In culmination to his efforts in Uldum, Charles participated in the slaying of the elemental lord of air, Al’Akir.

After the events in Uldum, Charles participated in solely more minor matters, visiting some of the other active areas like Mount Hyjal and the Twilight Highlands. After Deathwing’s defeat, he planned to buy a home in the Hinterlands or Elwyn Forest, thinking he’d seen enough of the world. Before he could finalize any plans, however, word came to him that he’d been chosen to participate on an expedition into a strange new continent. Their goal was to explore this ‘Pandaria’ and- more importantly- find Prince Anduin, who had gone missing in Pandaria. While he was honored to help find the Prince, Charles also saw this as an opportunity to explore like he had in Uldum. His contributions to Anduin’s finding- and his escape- were fairly minimal, but he had played a rather important part in convincing the jinyu to join the Alliance.

Now that he sees his duties as fulfilled, it is Charles’ ambition to unravel the mysteries of Pandaria and help the pandarens in any way he can.

Reason you want to join Alviira or a similar Alliance group: As an explorer in this new land, Charles wants to find out all he can from Pandaria, and sees working with the group as an opportunity for adventure.


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