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Name: Derek Harrington

Age and Gender: 41, Male

Race and Class: Worgen Rogue (Alliance)

Height and Weight: 6’2” (Worgen 7’10”), 187lbs (Worgen 256lbs)


Human: His hair is close cut and black, and he has a short beard and mustache, also black, with brown eyes. His face is usually set with a mask of indifference, but with an ever-present scowl. His skin is lightly tan, but still fairly pale. A trio of claw-marks mar his left cheek and he also has a few battle scars along his arms and hands, but they don’t stand out to the point of disgust. He is tall and lean, with long arms and legs.

Worgen: Derek has dark grey fur and brown eyes. He has a lean, agile form and an impressive height. His ears have a few nicks, but are otherwise whole and straight. He has no excess facial hair to speak of. A trio of claw marks mar his left cheek and there are also a few battle scars along his arms and legs.

Weapons/armor: Derek wields ornate twin daggers that he keeps as polished and sharp as possible, applying poison frequently. He wears a mask to conceal his identity and doesn’t ever wear capes, because they get in the way. His upper body is covered by a black leather chest-plate, shoulder guards and gloves, all accented by red trim. His claws poke through the leather gloves. He wears leather breeches which are black. For the most part, his armour is more for utility than decoration. Derek only wears boots in his human form.

Brief rundown of skills and experience: When he was a Gilnean noble, he practiced Alchemy and gathered his own herbs. After the Cataclysm and Forsaken catastrophic effects on Gilneas, he lost his fortunes and resorted to pickpocketing and theft in Stormwind. He was eventually caught, but to pay off his sentence, he was trained by SI:7 to be a rogue and fight for the Alliance. After being released from servitude he became a mercenary, until he rejoined the SI:7- willingly this time- after the end of the Cataclysm. He is currently a skilled rogue and alchemist.

History: Lord Derek Herrington of House Herrington was a wealthy nobleman of Gilneas, who resided in a grand estate located in the mountains west of Gilneas City. He was unmarried and without children, and his only interests consisted of acquiring wealth and disposing of those who threatened said wealth. While not all of his business was done through honest work, he did make a small fortune from concocting and selling medicines, tonics and poisons. During the Northgate Rebellion, he openly sided with Greymane, but secretly sold weapons and supplies to Crowley, because Gilneas’ isolation had limited his dealings to only those within Gilneas.

As it was with the majority of Gilneas, Derek lost very much to the worgen outbreak. His estate was sacked, and he was turned worgen, forced to rely on others to regain his humanity. He was humiliated by what had transpired, and left his saviors behind to salvage what remained of his wealth. He found little, besides a small sum of gold, only enough to survive for a few months at best, and an old ring that he refused to sell. After the Forsaken invaded, he left Gilneas along with many of its citizens and traveled to Stormwind. He spent the following month pickpocketing on the streets of Stormwind to get gold for food and shelter. He was caught by the SI:7, but instead of imprisoning him, the agent inducted him into their ranks, seeing Derek as a potential asset rather than a petty thief.

After he had served for the required time, Derek took his newfound skills and honed them, becoming a mercenary to get more gold. Over the following months, Derek acquired a sense of honor, and a newfound loyalty to the Alliance. And so it was, only weeks after Deathwing’s defeat, that Derek rejoined the SI:7, performing some of the more dangerous tasks in order to better improve his standing with the organization.

While Derek wasn’t on the original expedition into Pandaria via the Skyfire ((if that’s the one from WotLK then sorry, I always get them confused)), he didn’t have to wait until the 7th fleet arrived, instead using his mage connections to get a portal to Pandaria.

Reason you want to join Alviira or a similar Alliance group: Derek is curious about Pandaria and its origins, butalso wants to make sure that the Horde doesn’t gain an advantage over the Alliance. ((While he will try to keep an eye on the Horde, the fact that Alviira is leading the Horde group will probably help.))

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Name: Gorin Fireflask

Race and faction: Dwarf - Alliance

Gender and age: Male - middle-aged for a dwarf, so, like... 200?

Class: Warrior

Description (include armor and weapons): Gorin stands at a reasonable 4'4", around normal height for a dwarf his age. His face has started to wrinkle ever so slightly with age, and his eyes are a deep blue. His hair is a bit long, a bright orange and extending down to his shoulders. His beard is pretty short, reaching down only a bit beyond his chin. He has a moderately large scar on his right shoulder from where he was once impaled by a broken beer bottle in a bar fight.

Gorin's armor is fairly basic. He wears brown plate armor with magical runes carved into it, placed strategically so that one side of his armor looks exactly the same as the other (he's a bit OCD). He neglects to wear a helm, claiming that "A real drwarf is too tough t' wear one o' them stupid metal boxes on 'is head."

Gorin's choice in weaponry is also pretty simple. He wields to handaxes, with serrated edges and a rune of unbreaking engraved into both of them. He also has a small knife (in both boots, of course) in case of any emergencies.

Basic History: Born to a rich family of legitimate businessmen, Gorin was brought up like he was going to continue the family business, as that was what the Fireflasks had always done. But Gorin wasn't content to simply sit behind a desk, filling out forms and making money. No, he wanted to see the world, all of it. He took lessons in armed combat so he could defend himself from a fat old dwarf named Igris right around the age when most people were still playing in the snow and his twin sister, Lara, was mastering the fine art of tax-doing.

By the time he finished, he'd more or less alienated himself in terms of interesting topics from the rest of his family. They were all about the next big business deal, while was all about the next big mineral for weapons. Wehn he left home, he first joined a travelling patrol of the Dwarven guards of Khaz Modan, Patrol 53, to be exact. He saw all of the dwarven lands, learned the lay of the land, how to better defend himself, and, most importantly, how to cream every single person who could in Menethil Harbor in a beer-drinking contest.

Evenutally, though, after seven years and twelve promotions, he grew sick of it, and left command of Patrol 53 in the hands of his second-in-command. He set out to see the world for himself as a traveller and occasional sellsword, always learning, and always practicing. He's still got a way to go, though he's got most of the Eastern Kingdoms and about half of Kalimdor down, and even a bit of Northrend. And he won't stop until he's seen it all.

Reason you want to join Alviira or a similar Alliance group: As was mentioned, Gorin loves to travel. And now that Pandaria's been discovered, he can't resist seeing at least some of this strange new continent. This was just a chance to meet some friends while doing it.
All right we have a full roster, I will be working on a IC thread. Keep in mind I will be setting up some challenges for us. But mostly we will be exploring. I would like all of you to start somewhere in Jade Forest and we can meet up IC maybe at the Temple? It seems to be neutral enough and we can do some discussions there IC and catch up to speed on old friends and meet new ones. Sound ok? You can each start working on your opening posts and copy paste when I get it up, maybe tonight sometime.
Im gonna buy wooden swords before the journey starts, to spar with the members mhmm.

*Sneaks into Karel's tent, stealing said wooden swords, sharpens them up, and quietly slips them back into place.*

Sounds good! Better get typing! Erani's gonna be a like nutella to the sha of anger.
Karel... I got dis. WE GONNA ROCK DIS HOUSE!

*Cough* Ahem... anyway, as I was saying, I'd love to spar!

Oh, also:


Sounds good! Better get typing! Erani's gonna be a like nutella to the sha of anger.

Beautiful comparison choice... just... beautiful.
Ha!! I cheated and used my first OOC post, but I did add a starting place for you all!! Have fun. IC is up.
Ha ha Karel, I loved it. I did not think of sending out letters. I will accept that, but only for those of you who actually know Alviira from a previous thread. In fact I will go you one better I will put in in my second post before I answer you.

Edited my first post so anyone who wants to have been in contact with the Explorer's Guild or any of the neutral groups like Cenarion Circle or Earthen Ring. You can make your own version of course how you heard of the expedition and why you are in Pandaria.
And you put in your post that he sent you a letter detailing something I did not have in any of my posts, so I made it possible. Read it again. Alviira had the Explorer's League look for all of you. They sent out letters to the ones that were with Alviira in the Alterac Mountains. This makes it possible for Kayyvan to have sent Karel to join Alviira. Is that all right? Or I can edit some more.
Alright, I've put up a post for Derek. Now to work on Charles' post.
Posted finally, sorry about the wait, had to do some in-game traveling to finish it. :P
Will post at... 7:30-8:00 Central... maybe. I can't tell for sure, but I WILL get one up. I'm looking forward to using Gorin on the Forums for once.
Working on my post.

Alviira would it be ok for Xian to overhear your talk of exploring Pandaria and offer to join your group?

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