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Xianli, I would be delighted if you do it that way, whether it is part of the Temple staff or a traveler or however you want to do it is great. I am going to throw a short post talking to Karel while we wait for the rest of them to come to the Inn.

I am expecting that all of you have done the initial questing to get here being sent by Garrosh or Varian. So meeting at the Jade Temple is just Alviira setting up a neutral place to get together.

As a native of Pandaria I expect you will know more about the culture than the rest of us do. So feel free to educate us along the way.
*tentatively pokes thread....*
Least it's not metal, though you do have more pokies in your armor than I do.
Im so sorry, IRL hit and stuff happened. BUT the post is nearly done. So to occupy your time I give yo-

Lineron: THIS!:

Daenith:.......You let him on this thing way to much.

Me: I know.....

Lineron: 4chan is my favorite.....

Me: O_e

Lineron: Also creepypasta........

Me: O_O

Lineron: Go to sleep
*clicks link*


Erani: ...I do not get it. Who is this "Rick" human? And why is he so hated? and what is "4chan"?

Me: Ah, 4chan, the capital of the internet ...Here Erani, try this link:

Earni: Okay... I still do not understand this- OHDEARBLESSEDLIGHTANDALLTHATISHOLY WHAT ITS THAT?! IS THAT REAL?! WHY IS HE... Oh, I think I'm going to be sick.

Me: huehuehuehuehue... >:3
hahaha... I keep myself steered far clear of 4chan... o.o
to be perfectly truthful I'm a regular browser of 4chan but I browse its more 'civil' boards. Like /ic/ for example is where I get my drawing references.
Okay, maybe I lied yesterday. I'll get it up later tonight then. Sorry! :P

Yay! About time I get something more to read! :)
I posted as well. I know the meeting room looks like a business meeting thing IRL, but I wanted to give us some way to coordinate and plan. We will be doing each province in detail before we move to the next.
Okay... maybe I lied again. I had too much work to do, and ALL of it involved writing a ton, so the last thing I wanted to do was type 8 paragraphs.

If you guys could maybe stay there for another real day, I'll be good to go, seeing as Spring Break.
Don't worry, Srdots...we should still be there. Poor Kia's passed out at the table, so she's not going anywhere just yet.
Derek sat down to me and did not approach her, she already said something to Karel, you can respond. Sorry I am not being clear. Two human rogues!! Karel she shook hands with and talked to pay attention to the posts. I know it is hard, but until we get an actual intro in the thread I need to differentiate.

Wating for more people to post and trying to keep the thread alive. Forgive me if I do not respond right away to a post directly, I have a lot going on. Remind me if I miss a direct post to Alviira.
Sorry for the inactivity, I've been distracted. I'll write up a post soon

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