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World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
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I also apologize for not posting, school is....well it's high school so....yeah. Will start one up in the morning and should finish it in the afternoon.
If nobody else posts by the end of tonight, I'm gonna throw a response up for you, Alviira. :)
And on the 6th day, Lineron posted a post on a forum roleplay. He hoped all rejoiced on this day.

.......yeah, inexcusably long delay is long BUT there you go. Again, I apologize for not posting.
I can tell this will be a slow moving thread, but come least a couple times a week. At least show up and let me know you are still interested or I will just assume you are not and continue.

Vi is going to start out giving you all assignments. We will be exploring the shrines and seeing what they say about the Emperor. I would like each of you to recount what you have learned about some point of lore that you discovered while questing. I have a couple of characters I am going to use as gathering lore points and writing them down in story form as Alviira.

Give some thought to what you want to concentrate on, history of the Emperor, the critters we meet, the herbs we find, the races we encounter that are sentient, and the Sha.
Well, for what it's worth, I'm still interested. :P
I'm interested too, I'm just sort of busy recently. I'll post tonight or tomorrow. As for the lore stuff... I sorta ditched jade forest as soon as I was lvl 86, so I'll have to touch up on lore a little. I'll be useful whenever we get to Dreadwastes though. I'm a master at Klaxxi related things. Anywho, I'll work things out.
If you should ever need an alternate, or replacement, Cyaer is ever searching the lands of Pandaria, and would welcome aiding those wishing to learn about this new land, and its history.

Name: Cyaer Sunblaze, Lord of House Sunblaze

Race and faction: Sin'dorei of the Horde

Gender and age: Male and adult (178 years old)

Description include armor and weapons: Cyaer tends to carry himself with confidence and move like a great cat. While some think him young, his eyes show a deep maturity and experience. He wears the leather armor he has earned while travelling the various lands of Pandaria, supplementing it with armor from the auction house. His weapons include a fist weapon, and a Ghostwork dagger. He also carries a backpack, and many belt pouches and bags to carry the spoils and treasures he finds exploring his new homelands.

Basic History: Cyaer started as a simple orphan and street urchin in Silvermoon City. As he moved out of the city, he was invited to join a new guild. As he grew in experience, he found himself a member of a family, not just a guild of faceless entities. He has had his share of heartbreak, and finding love, and friendships. He found that he is not as loyal to the Horde as some, using them more for scouting excursions and aiding others.

When he arrived in Pandaria, his heart was opened by the peoples and culture of the Pandarens. He has found a home here amongst them, and builds a small farm to someday reside in his later years.

Reason you want to join Alviira or a similar Alliance group: Since arriving here, Cyaer has been fascinated by the bits of information and such he has found in Pandaria. He feels there is great knowledge and information that may help heal the division between the Horde and Alliance, if nothing else to give the Pandarens a chance to stay neutral in their war.

I also wish to know what it is about Pandaria you find the most appealing and exciting.The culture, the story of the land and its people. Though he is Sin'dorei, his heart is Pandaren, and he strives to learn as much as he can of his new home, and its history
Cyaer you are accepted anytime you want to join one of my threads!! Please go ahead and read through what we have posted and find a way to the Inn at the Jade Temple grounds.

The Reliquary is the Horde version of the Explorer's League, if you want to use them as a way to find out about the Expedition. Or you can just walk into the Inn and be curious! Up to you.
I'll get a post up tomorrow evening. I want to get moving! ;)
I should get a post up by tomorrow
Yeah.....Lineron tends to forgot Bonereaper a lot.....

Lineron: I feed off of his suffering.

Bonereaper: T_T
Feel free to interact with each other and ask questions. I gave you all something to respond to in your own way. Tell me what you like to study, if it is plants and you are an herbalist that opens up a lot of rp! If you are a guard who has no interest in anything but running around killing stuff we will put you in charge of taking out the vermin!! (oh how I hate the Valley of Four Winds just for that reason!! I HATE VERMIN!!) Sorry, rant over...

Please post something!! Do not let this die!
I told you I would post tonight!
Just for reference I used Bing to look up Jade, I am impressed with the information I found.

Feel free to use the incident of the package and speculate on who is Alviira's secret admirer. I do not mind if you use in game quests to describe your own experiences with the Jade mines and the statue. I want people to be creative here and use the in game lore, but I could not resist using a bit of real life information either!

We should be doing some of the entry level (Pandarian) quests to do some research. I do want to explore one area at a time please. There is so much in the Jade Forest to discover!
(sighs) I guess it is a holiday weekend.
I'll get a post up tomorrow. Doing a some questing before I do. :)
I have posted a short post, of my arrival. I'm an herbalist and miner, so I have been all over the Jade Forest, and found the various forms of flora and fauna interesting since I have arrived. Besides all the types of flora, and various forms of fauna (great cats, the beavers, porcupines, and deer/elk, gorillas) the many types of humaoids were fascinating as well. Aye, there are the gookin hozens, and the fish lipped Jin-ya?, but the Mogu and such too!

Is it any wonder I have fallen in love with this place? I would be more that happy to help catalogue the various plants that are found here. I won't forget the various fruits and vegetables that are used in cooking too.

As an avid fisherman, there are quite a bit of types of fish and seafood that Pandaria brings to the table (Yeah, pun intended).

There is so much to be discovered and found here. I have a few that are just coming into the area, so this helps refresh my memories of what there is to find just here in the Jade Forest!!
Thank you Cy, I think you are getting into the spirit of the thread!

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