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This summer me and a buddy put together a new rig for myself. i won't bother listing all the components but it's a pretty solid build, i haven't had trouble playing any game on at least high as of yet. but I have been having one issue that started a few months back. every once in a while my GPU (GTX 560) will just crash for no reason. at first i thought it was just an issue with my driver so for the last few months i've been messing around with drivers. tried reverting to older versions, beta drivers, installing new drivers on top of my old drivers, clean install of new driver, clean install of an older driver, basically anything i could think of. no matter what i did, my GPU continues to crash randomly giving me the error message "GPU driver kernel version 314.something has crashing but successfully recovered something something." at first i thought it was only when i was working it too hard but recently it's been crashing from just web browsing. super frustrating, especially mid raid when it decides to crash and my WoW client has to reboot. any ideas what's going on?

(sorry for wall of text)
do you remember the power supply you used?
is it possible for your friend to test your gpu for a bit to see if you need to RMA it.

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