{A} Recidivus 10m Recruiting for 5.2

Recidivus is a 10 man casually dedicated raiding guild looking for more raiders to continue our 5.2 progression since the unfortunate loss of a few of our raiders.

We are looking 1 tank healer (Holy Paladin or Disc Priest) and 2 caster DPS (Warlock/Boomkin)

We raid Fridays and Saturdays server time, and we are a late night guild, from 10pm-2am, which is mid-afternoon AEDST. Looking for dedicated raiders so we do not have many issues regarding attendance, but we raid in a semi-casual manner, with as much emphasis on having a good time as downing bosses.

Feel free to hit me up in game on this character (Ellochums#1517), or visit sfwow.enjin.com for more information or to apply.

Guess who likes raiding.
Recidivus wants YOU!
Where are all you skilled raiders at?
Fish out of water!
Sent you a mail in game a good Range DPS friend and I may be interested.
i would be interested in joining. i would transfer over, but i'm not the most geared. im looking to get back into hardcore pve'ing.
Well feel free to submit an application guys!

We want to get solid players. You know. Those mysterious creatures who don't stand in crap and take the time to learn their classes ;)

I look forward to checking out any apps you may submit.

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