[H] <The Ascended> Is looking for new raiders

Hello Arthas!

The Ascended level 25 newly transferred is looking for core raiders for our 10m group!

We are a group of friends who have suffered from the lack of population on our old server and are starting fresh.

We have 2 solid tanks and 1 solid healer and a few solid dps.

We are looking for people who like to have fun, but are serious when it comes to raiding.

We are 16/16N with aims to start doing heroics once we get our group together. We will be moving on to ToT once the group is established.

We are looking for exceptional dps and 1-2 solid healers.

Healers - Resto Druid or Sham.

DPS - ele sham, spriest, boomkin, warrior.

480+ But we will help gear you if you have the right attitude.

We stress being a easy going guild that likes to have fun when we raid. We will be downing bosses though. We accept all like mind raiders and players that are gearing up to raid. We run dungeons, old content, bgs, hang out in vent, and of course are moving towards progressing in new content.

We want you!

Send in-game psts to Slalbs, Bhevo, Devilhandler, or Vicious.

Also you can reply to this post and we will contact you with more information,

Thank you for your consideration and have a great day!
hi there. i am currently in the process of gearing up my toon via LFR and i am looking for a guild very much like you described yours to be, i am interested in raiding although the furthest i have got in this xpac is 6/6 mogu'shan vaults Normal. i am pretty good at picking up on my mistakes in raids and always come prepared. i am dedicated when it comes down to end game content and also willing to put the time in to gear up my character he is only *465* ilvl right now but im pulling around 40-60k dps. if you think i would be a good fit you can contact me ingame.

thanks. oh the Ä in my name is alt code 654

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