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Aerie Peak
Hello everyone.

Unfortunately, this will be another one of those recruitment post, but WAIT!

We offer a lot, such as:

- a very friendly atmosphere, a lot of laid-back folks (outside of raid of course).
- a mature community; away from all those kids! (but don't let the age range fool ya ;))
- a community with a fair system (loot, raid slots, no cliques, no trolls, no drama)
- a community that accepts, casual players, avid PVP players, and dedicated raiders!

And to top that off, we offer asian gnome strippers! And yes, they will accept copper, mastercard, visa, and paypal. No C.O.D please!

All we ask from you:

- have the same mindset as described above
- if you plan on being a dedicated raider, :
- must be active, and punctual
- must show up to the 2 nights dedicated for raid
- must know that you are expected to carry your own weight
- must be okay to take constructive criticism ( yes yes yes... Asian gnome stripper, will be appointed to do this to ya.)
- you should be able to take some responsibility and not blame your mistakes on others!


Our Schedules:

Group 1: wed & Thur @ 6-9 pm server. Invites go out 15 mins prior to 6
Group 2: Mon & Tue @ 5:30-8:30 pm server. ||

All other activities are being done on the weekends such as,

- Night for a pvp drunk night!
- Night for a pvp (with serious faces on)
- ALT toons run (yes we let the Asian gnome strippers run this time)
- Guild farm night (yes, we farm those Asian gnomes!)



Group 1 is LF2M DPS (1 range (lock/mage/boomkin) and 1 melee ( war/ret/kitty/enhance)
Group 2 is LF3M DPS and 2 HEALS (Any is acceptable.)

If interested about joining us, feel free to PST one of us in-game or reply to this post.
(Blazinshield, Lililiana, Muertalente, Treetarded). If you can't get a hold of us, "who" us and ask for an officer.

Thanks for taking the time to read our Advertisement!
come join the fun!
Still looking guys, cmon join in the fun!
Hello Recruiters

I am looking for a stable friendly raiding guild

.I reside in Australia/Sydney

.I am able to raid 3-6 pm or 5-9 Am server time any day of the week.

I have been on Aerie Peak for the past 6 years and I have raided
everything untill now.I enjoy playing 2 toons a Pally healer who
is 520 and a Marksman Hunter who is 530 .

Check wow heroes where you get review my world of logs parses.

Pst me with Questions thx.
Hey guys im looking for a new guild to join, i do enjoy a good raid and i am available for most of the runs yall do. I would like to join yall if there is still room ITM LVL 543
3 healers here. 1 Resto Druid, 1 Resto Shaman, 1 Disc Priest. We've got full SoO clear and a bunch of heroic exp as well. We want to play new toons for the xpac and we're switching to them now and looking for a new home! We're interested in joining as a group, as a healing core. Perhaps we can fit into one of your groups? Gear on our new toons is a little low atm but that won't take long to fix. We're very experienced raiders.

We're also totally fine with sitting for now if there's now room, as long as the potential to play together in the new xpac is open.

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