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Convenient Distraction is a Perth based guild looking to move into raiding 10 man content.

Currently we are filling out our core with the goal of clearing T15 as quickly as possible.

As of this posting we are 2/12 normal modes due to roster shifts.

The aim of the guild at this point is forming a team to move forward with 5.2 and beyond.

Raid times are 6:30-9:30 (8:30-11:30ST) Wed/Sun/Mon.

That said we are looking for the following to fill our roster.

1 x Prot paladin
1 x Resto Druid

If you're interested please contact me Saleria#1930.

Please keep in mind that while we will take undergeared players we would still be looking at a reasonable level of gear.
Need more!
Bump for above!
Up for warlock
Need a warlock and now a Blood DK
Warlocks, come to me!
Bump for a holy paladin
Need heals.
Holy Paladin.
1 x Prot paladin
1 x Blood DK
/vouch. Great bunch of guys/girls to raid with. Don't be shy!
What's going on in here?
Bump goes the bump machine.

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