<Not a Big Deal> 10m 4/13H Recruiting!

Bleeding Hollow
High Priority:


Death Knight

Elemental Shaman
Balance Druid

Despite our current needs, any and all exceptional applications will be considered. Please don’t hesitate to apply even if your class/specialization is not listed.

<Not a Big Deal> is a Horde 10m progression raiding guild on the Bleeding Hollow-US realm. We are a tight knit, friendly group who enjoys serious progression. Running with an 11-12 man roster, our core raiders are all extremely committed to our guild goals and our officers work diligently to keep organization smooth and focused.

We expect all of our raiders to be responsible for their character in terms of appropriate enchanting, gemming, reforging and professions in order to maximize their performance, even for an offspec. We provide all necessary raiding consumables and item enhancements, we expect that you do everything else to maximize your character to its fullest potential. We require our raiders to have an extremely high level of commitment to both the guild and their character, near perfect attendance, and a positive attitude. Thorough and up to date research on all encounters, as well as your own class/spec(s) is expected.

A loot council consisting of Officers is used for distributing all dropped gear. Being Greedy isn't looked upon kindly. Our raiders are all very cooperative and understanding that loot is a by-product of boss kills and that more progression equals more loot, preparing us not for only for current content, but future content as well. We gear up our team to be strong, not individuals.

Raid Schedule and Progression:
( 6/6H MV // 4/6H HoF // 4/4 ToES 10man )
(4/13H ToT)
Tue, Thur, Sun 7-11PM EST Server

Guild Website:

Check out our website to apply directly or or contact Murder (battletag: Comatose#1355), Gab(Gab#1563), or Thunder (Thunderfro#1718) in-game if you have any questions.

Thanks for your time and we look forward to hearing from you.
updated progression and recruitment needs.
Updates current recruitment priories. Need a ranged deeps yo.
Updated dps and tanking recruitment priorities. wub wub
3/13H Also looking for plate dps (Pref Warrior).
4/13H made horridon into mince meat yo.
If you need a good dedicated death knight, I'm your man, I'm 512 ilvl and I play 2H Frost, Add me ingame if your interested. rememorizing#1934
I submitted my app yesterday, I'd love to heal for you guys! (I know im not gemmed/chanted/reforged completely/correctly at the moment) Figured I'd post.
wub wub womp
Still need a nice healer with dps OS or vice versa yo.

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