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I've come to you my fellow rogues in hope that you can help, Being on the server that I am on there is very little in terms of help that one can acquire in terms of pvp (I am new to WoW I've only been playing for maybe a little over a month now) This being my down fall I rely heavily on youtube/forum discussion to learn how to better myself however I'm finding a few things virtually impossible...

1. Healing classes- I am having an extremely hard time trying to kill healing priests or pallys- I can get them close but no matter which spec (Sub or Sin) I can't seem to do enough to drop them, It is very rare that everything works out and even then I 99% of the time lose. With Pallys if I can outlast there bubble and kick them at the appropriate time then I'm okay. Priests on the other hand simply don't die. It feels as though I've changed from daggers to wet noddles. Any suggestions? Rotations etc?

2. Blood DK's- Oddly enough I seem to be able to beat warriors with some difficulty but a good Blood DK seems almost impossible, I've tried multiple tactics- IE: Bleeding them out (Doesn't work) to trying the Dot and kite technic which has proven to be a little bit more beneficial however the end result is the same..

With those two major issues on the table any generic help would be much appreciated, I learn fast and am always trying to better myself. I prefer Sin over Sub however after a few arena matches with both spec I can see that Sub has a lot more burst and kill potential when it comes to competitive pvp as you can "drop the hammer" almost on demand where as Sin seems to be a little bit of either burst at the start with CD's or at the end.

Also I apologies ahead of time if my grammar and English is disgusting English is not my first language.
Healers are stupidly tough to kill. Basically I've found I need to burst them down as quickly as possible during my opener or they'll just slowly burn me out. Priest bubbles absorb way too much damage right now.

Blood DKs, as the guy above me said, are !@#$%es. It's effing BS that they can heal over and god damn over and still have that much damage and that many tools. So faceroll.
I have an easy time killing shamans and SOMETIMES monks. Some monks are impossible to kill some are easy. It depends. I think it really depends on which healer type you're facing. Shamans are not very instant cast oriented as druids so I have an easy time with them.

Priests are fairly difficult but I think they're alot easier when you pay attention to times between stunning them and keeping yourself from being feared. Seeing as you are not undead (which my rogue is) I have an easy time getting out of fear with trinket as well as WotFS (undead passive anti-fear button). CoS timed well can save you from a fear.

To kill druids (hardest to kill IMO) you need to stun them and silence them as often as possible. Use your spells smartly to silence stun them to stay on them/slow them. Wounding poison might be necessary. Shadow Blades helps with Druids since you'll cut through their armor and get extra combo point since they will be harder to stick to.

Monks, just don't stun them. Save the energy used on stuns for damage or garrote silence.

Don't blow all of your stuns on top of each other because of DR. Spread them out to times that they are starting to drop to prevent them from casting their instant heals. Keep SnD up at all times and always have Garrote or Rupture up on them. Time your trinkets with SDance.

A good thing to remember, "Burst kills healers, not sustain". Most healers can outheal your sustained damage so don't caste spells that contribute to sustain more than you need to. Rupture is only needed for the damage buff from Sanguinary Vein.
Don't even bother with a Blood DK. Just ignore them. Laugh at them.

Healers you gotta just auto attack + build up combo points (give them the illusion that you hit like a wet noodle, they will become careless), save your CC and trinkets/racial for when they are ~50% health and then light em up hard. Trinkets and use finishers. Do not use interrupt/garrotte/stun at once though, space em out..

If they survive your burst then eff it, they are good and you need better gear. Change targets or just vanish and find someone easier to kill.
With a good opener you can break a healer. Garrote, backstab, cheap shot, evisc, MfD, evisc. thats a good 250k+ right there and you still have a few seconds on cheap shot if you do it fast enough. blind with a stealth / vanish and repeat it. move fast and you have one dead healer. I run sub though, so i'm not sure what to say with Sin

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