[H]Zerg Inc 10M 12/12N - Recruiting 1 DPS

Area 52
Area 52's <Zerg Inc> is recruiting 1 of the following:

What we're recruiting:

    Shadow Priest, around 510ish, prefer around 6/12 exp, may consider less.
    Ele Shaman, around 510ish, prefer around 6/12 exp, may consider less.
    Boomkin, around 510ish, prefer around 6/12 exp, may consider less.

This is for a permanent spot.

Progression: 12 of 12 Normal Tier15.
Raid Days & Times: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 11PM to 2AM Eastern.
Loot System: Open rolls with main spec over off spec.

We're a 10M progression guild made up of adults who enjoy casual game play, but take raiding serious. Due to work and other real life activities, we never extend our raid times past 2AM so we are very strict about a timely start.

What we expect from our recruits:

  • To show up. On time, and preferably even a little earlier.
  • Know your class. We're lenient with current raid experience, but you must know your class.
  • Be prepared. Flasks, pots, gems, enchants. We want our raiders to maximize their gear & performance.

How to join: We do not do applications. If interested, send a whisper to Lyles in-game or battle tag Macabre#1897.
Still looking
Still searching
Still looking.
Still looking. Could really use an Elemental Shaman.
Still looking
Updated. Permanent healer still needed.
Updated. Recruiting healer and caster dps.
IM about to tranfer Area 52 Server, Main as resto shammy but with a strong Ele OS, 505Ilvl with a 4/12 progression, hope spot still available. Just let me know! amd.salazar@gmail.com ingame Rid.

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