[H]Zerg Inc 10M 12/12N - Recruiting 1 DPS

Area 52
Updated. Looking to pick up a warlock or a mage.
Updated. Looking to pick up a mage.
If you guys are still looking for a Mage tomorrow night I'd be interested if you can't find anything better.
Currently recruiting one core member for either a range dps position, or a healer that excels at tank healing.
Updated. Recruiting two.
Could still really use a hunter, ele shaman, or a warlock :)
Updated, still in search for one of the three range classes in OP.
Update: We are in need of 1 healer (resto shaman, holy pally); or 1 rdps (warlock, ele shaman) to complete our core raid team.
my !@#$%s
Still need to fill the last healer spot!
Still looking for that last healer. Immediate opening, send me a whisper in-game to talk about it.

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