<Ascend>Recruiting for 10 & 25 Raiding 12/12N

Ascend (US-Illidan Horde) is recruiting for 25 man raiding. We seek players who strive to be the best at their classes. We run a very competitive raiding environment. Raiders are expected to earn their positions and should have no trouble sitting out if they are not performing at their best. We are going into 5.2 very strong and working to progress quickly.

Progress: 12/12 Normal

We are not only a Raiding guild but a strong community and we expect our members to take part in guild events such as challenge modes as well as getting to know each other.

Loot is distributed through Loot Council.

Raid spots are earned so we encourage anyone who thinks they have the talent and attitude that we expect to please apply.

Casuals are always welcome to come and be a part of our community.

25 Man Raid Schedule:
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM Server.

Actively Seeking:
Prot Pally
DPS Warrior
Elemental Shaman
Holy Paladin

10 Man Raid Schedule:
Fri, Sat & Sun from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM Server.

Actively Seeking:
Tank (Warrior, Druid, Pally)
Melee DPS (Warrior, DK, Rogue)

What we expect out of our raiders:
-95% raid attendance
-Show up prepared at least 15-30 minutes before raid ready for an invite
-Bring your own flasks and potions (repairs are covered by the guild)
-Knowledge of the fights before hand
-Must have Mumble and a working mic
-Be able to take criticism objectively
-Always think of the guilds priorities over your own personal priorities
-Be adaptable during raid and have 100% awareness

If you feel that Ascend would be a good fit for you please apply


You can also contact me or one of the officers in game Futile#1555 ; Brandon#1559 ; bazingga#1902
Seeking competitive raiders for 5.2 progression. All exceptional players are considered, apply now!.
Still seeking exceptional raiders
megaera 25man downed 3/13. Seeking more raiders for 5.2.
9/12 now Still looking for some amazing raiders!
10/12!! iron qon is downed. apply now!
16/16 T14, 5/16 Heroic T14.
2/12 T15

501 Prot/ 495 Arms

BattleTag; Chaseda#1139
Availability; Pretty much any time.
Transfer paid for pref, I'm a poor mofo.
Me; I'm a very talented and very dedicated player. I've played Warrior since 2004, and I've tanked since 2004. I've been really held back this expansion and I'm finally fed up with it. I've got more than enough experience. I always strive to be the best, and I can guarantee the best is what you'll get from me. I also can play both DPS specs for warriors fantasticly.
11/12 Twins down. Seeking skilled raiders. Apply Now!
Added battle tag.
We are now 12/12. Looking for very skilled raiders.
More bosses going down this week in 25man. Good raiders apply now.
Still seeking high quality players for core 25man positions.

Actively Seeking:
Prot Pally
DPS Warrior
Elemental Shaman
Holy Paladin
Dont miss out, apply before your spot is gone!
back to the top!
interested in a hunter?
- 511 iLvl (My Terror 496 Trinkit might be on which would make my iLvl 510 but I have a 502 to replace it with to make my ilvl 511)
- knows all fight (have exp on 7/12)
- knows Survival and Beast Mastery thoroughly and can pull maximum dps in each
- a variety of raid buffs
- can make all raid times (25man or 10man)
- Raid awareness
Brohanzo please add one of our officers on real id to talk more in depth about recruitment opportunities. Futile#1555 ; Brandon#1559 ; bazingga#1902
added btags

504 warrior
6/12 n
can make all raid times
Still seeking amazing raiders apply @ http://www.ascend-gaming.com/wowrecruitment

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