Elegon Frame Rate Drop Since Patch 5.2

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With the treatment to tech threads lately I feel no incentive to pay for another month to play a broken game, and from the way it's looking it won't be fixed anytime soon.
I know it did for a bunch of us in LFR a few days ago. A couple people dc'ed when the fight started and like 5 of us dropped to 1-2 fps. Was pretty bad =/
I have been having this problem as well, and so far haven't found an answer or any information regarding it in my searches. With all of my add-ons disabled and my graphics on low, I get 2-5FPS on the Elegon fight and it's completely unplayable.

The best part is where I have to try to get off of the platform while my screen is chopping around and ultimately fall to my death!
I seem to be getting the FPS drop regardless on where I stand, I do notice however when the floor disappears my FPS does go up slightly, but still not a good amount.
I am having this same issue. Elegon is particularly bad (until the floor despawns), but every fight in LFR or a large raid is like this for me. I drop my settings to low and still barely manage ~10 fps with a GTX 680. 10 man raids are fine for me, so I wonder if this is related to spell graphics as I don't really take a hit until fights start.
Similar issues here - 100% Usage with a 5870 from around 45-65% pre patch 5.2

Huge frame rate drops for me on that fight, but also random frame drops all over the world for me and my girlfriend as well as several of our guild mates.
I have about 5 toons i run lfr that stilll need Elegon and all 5 have horrible lag issues on him. Didnt have any issues before patch. Our whole raid group almost died on him bcs of lag last night. This is the only part of wow that lags me out. My mavhine runs awesome on good or high settings on everything else. I lowered alll my settings for this fight and it still didnt help.
I put in a ticket about this problem and the gm told me they will send it to the higher up's to try to replicate the situation. I responded just jump into lfr or ask anyone currently on elagon. Right after i got an automated responce. Looks like were going to be dealing with this for some time
Significant frame rate drops seem to be occurring regardless of what you're doing in-game, or where you are, since 5.2 launch.


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