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ALeveling now is a godsend. It doesn't take more than a week at 2-4 hours a day...

Don't even try. Don't. Even. Try.

I wanted a 90 monk as soon as possible in MoP, right? So I used RaF grant-a-levels from 12-80. I finished the Panda starter zone in a day, then flat out blasted to 90 as quickly as I could. No professions. Didn't log into my bank alt. Had as many heirlooms as my level warranted.

36 hours (and 2 minutes and 31 seconds) from 80 to 90.

2-4 hours a day, let's say 3. A week. That's 21 hours.

It's 36 hours from 80 to 90 (plus Panda starter zone). You're saying it takes 21 from 1-90.

It takes 60+ hours to get to 90. Probably 80. That's just powerlevelling, too. Nothing else. No professions, no AH-ing, no gathering, nothing. My Warrior has 3 days, 21 hours played- and 21 hours at current level. 3 days to 90, from level 1. That's 72 hours.

If you want to hit 90 in a week, you need to play for over 10 hours a day. TEN. HOURS. A DAY.

Let's say you can play for 2-3 hours a day. That's a month or so. An entire month, spent only levelling one character as quickly as possible.

That is obscenely long.

If it was a month of enjoyable content, a month of actual questing, maybe.

But no. It's a month of "GET ME 10 MORE BEAR BUTTS" "GET ME 3 LEAVES" "KILL THIS ONE SPECIFIC GUY" "GO HERE". Nothing else. Nothing interesting. Nothing different, other than the scenery. Just repeatedly the same ideas with different enemies. That's it.

Blizz really needs to overhaul the entire concept of questing. I know it's blasphemy to bring it up here- but Runescape got questing RIGHT. Take a look at this:

That is one single quest. One. Single. Quest. Blizz needs to make each zone one ultra-massive quest, like that, which is actually interesting and engaging, and it instantly bumps you up one or two level(s) when you finish it. Not YET ANOTHER "KILL 12 MOGU PLZ I'M INCOMPETENT AT COMBAT DESPITE BEING LEVEL 90 ELITE AND EXACTLY 12 WILL TOTALLY MAKE A DIFFERENCE" quest.

Um.... wut?

You are aware that if you take a few days off and stack the Enlighenment buff, 85-90 is ridiculously fast?

Especially if you're doing WW Monk; the mobs die so fast that you just breeze through an area with ridiculous speed.

This monk here? She dinged 90 in Kun-lai Summit when my other characters were only 88-ish in there.
idk, on my shaman I was getting several bars of XP per instance at level 89.
idk, on my shaman I was getting several bars of XP per instance at level 89.

Every time I tried that, I got about 2-3 bars.... out of 45min+ of work.

I mean... really? at 3 bars... you're talking probably 7-8 hours for one level after killing that much crap? Oh, and that was WITH quests. 3 bars with quests, 2 bars without.

It'd help if tanks and people didn't treat normals like they do heroics and skip all the mobs (Protip: you get FREAKING XP BY KILLING THEM) possible.
Questing could be a little faster, but overall its at an alright pace. I would definitely like to see dungeon xp buffed so that its on par with questing. I recently leveled my monk to 90 as a healer and it was painful
Way people talk you think it takes a week per level or something =.=

No it is fine =.=

It does! I walk backwards through the zone doing the quests.

Just kidding! Leveling to 90 isn't too bad. There are lots of ways to get experience besides questing. For my third 90, I actually did a lot of gathering, archaeology, and repeatable quests like Darkmoon Faire. I was in no hurry, obviously. It just made for a nice change of scenery.

Um.... wut?

You are aware that if you take a few days off and stack the Enlighenment buff, 85-90 is ridiculously fast?

Especially if you're doing WW Monk; the mobs die so fast that you just breeze through an area with ridiculous speed.

This monk here? She dinged 90 in Kun-lai Summit when my other characters were only 88-ish in there.

Sure. But imagine a player new to the game.

They go "Hey! I wanna make a Warrior!".

They're not gonna wait around for days to let rested stack up, and they have nothing resembling Enlightenment. They're only gonna have one or two characters to play, most of their time spent trying to get one character to the max level.

Is it really reasonable to ask new players, who aren't even sure if they'll enjoy the game, to invest 72 hours of levelling as quickly as possible, before they can actually try what other people are doing? No. No it isn't.

Most new players won't know what they're doing, will spend time lost and wandering around, etc. It's entirely reasonable to expect a new player to take upwards of 100 hours to reach max level. Probably 125 or so- plus time spent playing other characters. That's probably a week of time spent in-game before they can actually try the part of the game they hear is SO MUCH FUN. Is it reasonable to demand a new player to spend 150+ hours in your game before they get to taste something other than "KILL 15 BOARS"? No. No it isn't.

This is where the problem lies. I'm entirely fine with alts taking a long time to level. As fun as it is to have alts, they're not mandatory to play the game. They're not. You can make a lot more gold if you have profession alts, but that's about the extent of their "manditory-ness". However, having a max level character is close enough to mandatory. You can't do 90% of the content in the game that actually matters without a max level character. Asking new players to dump 150 hours or so into getting to actually enjoy the game is absolutely ridiculous. At 3 hours a day, that's nearly 2 months, of 3 hours a day, every single day, before you get to play the game. Is that good game design? Will that attract new players? Will that convince new people to play the game? No. No it won't. They'll realize they've played for 15 hours, are only level 20, realize the experience needed to level scales exponentially, and give up.

Making levelling take a long time to complete is the direct opposite of a good idea. There is zero reason to say it's a good idea.
The 3-5 hours a level would be fine if you weren't going through the same damn zones every time... If I have to sit through all those cutscenes in Jade Forest again, I will vomit.

Yeah, you can make an argument for playing certain zones all the way through. But then you're getting less exp per quest. Why drag out leveling from 89-90 in Townlong if I can do it faster in Dread Wastes? I'm going to be miserable either way. And, of course, you're always going to be gated at 85 by jade forest no matter what you do.

Anyone advocating for running dungeons or battlegrounds is silly in my eyes. Yeah, they're more entertaining than doing the same quests. In a way. But they give SQUAT for exp 85-90 and you only have 4 dungeons to work with anyway.

I don't mind putting in time and effort. I don't mind that at all. I do mind putting in time and effort to the exact same zones over and over and over again. I'm sitting on 2 90's, this 89, 2 88's, a 87, a couple 86's, and a 85. MoP has got to be the most miserable leveling I've experienced in the game. And that's really saying something, since I once employed the "grinding" method back in vanilla.
It takes sooo long to go from 85-90 it's obnoxious.

I didn't mind it the first time because everything's new but now it's just so boring.

Ever tried dungeons or battlegrounds? They tend to be more exciting than quests.

Otherwise, I do not know what to tell you.

This is true, sometimes mixing it up helps you level at a pace that suits you and what you like to get out of the game.

..btw;0 what a cute Gnome Warrior you have.. I have been /wave /hug /love emotes to Gnomes all weekend in AV none I had seen this weekend was a Warrior.
The leveling process takes way too long .
I mean weeks of work .

I dont use cheating refer a friend to level = weeks not hours .

Yes the exp needs to be very reduced from 80 to 90 th.

Youy do realize that most world firsts were not RaF related and took most of those players 10-12 hours of questing/grinding in groups. Took me 3 days personally since I am a slow casual. If it takes you WEEKS to get from 85-90, you obviously are too casual or you just suck at this game.

Doing between 18 to 40 hours of content in 3 days is not "slow casual". That is 6 to 13 hours a day.

World-first 90s were at least 18 hours after the xpac launch. Probably even longer. Even using the absolute fastest times those guys used, in 3 days, that's 6 hours a day. That is not "casual" by any means.
7 90's. Gets faster each time.
Takes me 36 hours from 85-90. I did it for the chopper mount.

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