Warlock Green Fire Quest

Bleeding Hollow
For those warlocks that may be struggling with the boss, I'm sure you have done your research, but doing it like this helped me. Good luck!

jeez took you long enough. grats. lack of gateway use makes me sad.
The gateway was bugged dude. They recently fixed it. Myself and Fattymogu did it without the portal! :D
.i feel like used the charge more.cool video though, i was wondering what came after the doomguard.
I !@#$ed up my charge rotation on the kill...i normally tried to use it on CD...i think you can fit 5 charges in before the first cataclysm. Hectic fight :P
ATTN Warlocks!

I came across another Sealed Tome of the Lost Legion. Message me in game and I'll see if we can work out a deal for it a lot cheaper than what is on the AH. I know how much of a pain in the !@# that thing is too farm.

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