Best Alliance PVP Server?

What is it? Thanks in advance.
I personally like Kel'Thuzad. I find that Darkspear has more of a fan boy feel to it because of Swifty, Bajheera, Dara Mactire. And Kel'Thuzad has an active community
any other input?
I'm interested in this as well, but for horde side.
Emerald Dream.

World PvP everyday.



This is a very balanced server. WPvP is great for both factions.
Kil'jaeden is the best West Coast datacenter server for WPVP. Faction favors the Horde a bit, but Alliance dominate WPVP.

Good server if you are 1800-2K rated; if you are 2200+, then Tich is better.

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