Veterans of Wrathgate[A] Looking for Merger?

VoW isn't looking to merge into a guild, but we are looking to add a lot of fresh blood and new faces into the guild.

We are currently 1/13 TOT and are a semi-hardcore progress minded guild currently. We have a 2nd alt raid group, but I'd like to expand that a bit more to become a second core group instead of simply a 'gearing' run of sorts.

I say merger because right now it seems on Garona a lot of guilds are progressing at a moderate pace, and many more have members leaving for 'greener pastures' that's where this idea comes in.

Right now we have a core raid group that raids late night Fri and Sat (11pm-2am ST). However, if there is any upset in the attendance, we really don't have options for filling in when needed. We've had to PuG in that past at the expense of bringing other guild members for the sake of progression because they were not geared enough, and if we had a second core and an alt group I believe this would be non-existent.

So, if you're a guild that can't seem to get things going, or are a group of individuals looking for a solid place to call home this expansion then give us a shout.

What we need for sure is an almost entire 10 man group. We have a DK tank currently for this group, and need heals, DPS and an OT as well. Right now that group is filled with our core member's alts and I'd like it to be its own group.

All raid consumables are provided (Food, Flasks and Pots) and all repairs are taken care of as well during raid nights. This second group will probably run Sun/Mon or Tue/Wed with an emphasis on Late night depending on what kind of group we get going. Of course that can change if everyone in the group is flexible. I'd like to avoid overlapping groups, however.

So, to recap (Or TLDR):

  • VoW is looking for a good amount of new members, and guild mergers are on the table to those interested. We will NOT merge into a guild, however.
  • We are looking for an almost entirely new set of people for a SECOND Core Group, and will fill a third with everyone's alts as needed. That 3rd group will be our 'training league' as it were.
  • We will need new officers and raid leaders with the influx of new people. PST if interested.
  • Still looking for any interested guild or interested players looking to raid.

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