<MT LITTLE PWNY> recruiting

Hi all,

We are a level 25 social/pvp/raiding guild is looking for new, mature and active members to join our ranks in 5.2 and beyond! We have free bank repairs, 7 bank tabs, and a friendly and laid back atmosphere.

We have just started raiding MOP content, and are progressing slowly. Our raid times vary, but we generally like to raid on Firdays and Saturdays between 8pm and 11pm EST.

BGs and arena start times are Wednesdays 8pm EST.

If you are interested in joining our close knit team of fun-loving guildies, please contact either myself, Plump, or Adamantette for an invite. :)
Bump for pretty Pwnies! :)
Been trying for two days, but none of you seem to be online. Is the guild still active?
That's strange, yeah the guild is very much still active :) We are all usually online in the evening EST.

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