Another Direhorn thread , sorry!

Firstly its its not weak to say that a natural ability that is not trained but genetic to the breed of pet can NOT be trained.

secondly your last statement tells me all you want is more and more nothing else.

Your arguement is still weak. It's a game. They can do whatever and in such a way that it would "make sense". If only to satisfy nuts like you that try to justify NOT making changes based on some non-sensical realism.

I want more? I only want to use 1 or 2 pets. I'd rather have the option to switch their abilities / buffs than have to go find and tame a pet that I hate (which btw I have already done).

As far as the Roar of Sac and Heart of the Phoenix... yeah I'm greedy.
I agree woth Yoyuki. I think the tri-horn charge would be a cooler 'looking' ability, but I don't think it'd be doing damage that would make it any more powerful than any other pet, really. Pets are mostly cosmetic except for a few scenerios in PvP.
The Direhorn special is clunky and basically fails in comparison to other PVP and PVE pet abilities. It sucks that arguably the best pet model in game is essentially useless. Maybe even more of a reason for Blizzard to implement universal pet abilities. Making any and every pet skin viable. True customization.

2 thumbs up.
Direhorns are soo cute , when they do their special.. crouching while switching back and forth with their big shield on their head. Only use mine when I feel like looking at it tho. Their special doesn't suit my needs for most part, but that's just me. When soloing I use Tenacity specced Goat or Carrion Bird for when gathering packs of mobs [b/c their AE debuffs helps with aggro management] or my Turtle.
Wow, seriously..

We cant even be grateful we got a new pet to tame.

The moment you guys get a pet the first thing you do is rant over its 1 ability that is special to the pet.

Show a little bit of appreciation that blizz even decided to give us a new pet and quit your bickering.

Dawg, this thread is from a whole year ago.
When someone gives you a christmas present you don't sit there and act unappreciative whether it was what you wanted or not.

You show appreciation for the gesture

Think of this as a present from blizz to us.
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