LF PvP Guild...

Hello Tich! I've been playing wow since before BC. I have been serious about PvP since 4.2.
Unfortunately I've spent most of my time struggling with the lack of talent on my former server DARKSPEAR. Once I surpassed my entire guild in PvP rating I was forced to grind to 1700 though Oqueue.

I am a level 90 Holy Paladin. Full Mal 2/2 T1 weapon. I have alot of RBG experience. I have all enchantments, gems, mic, vent, skype, mumble, and can follow directions, have all spells keybound, and am NOT an idiot.

I am looking for a VERY active PvP/RBG guild that needs a healer that can step in immediately and fill a core healing role.

Primarily my availability is Mon/Tues/Wed from 3pm to 7pm server. I play various other nights of the week, but they would be my best dedicated hours.

I'm really hoping to find a skilled, professional, and accomplished guild to join and push forward for the upcoming seasons.

Can anyone recommend such guilds or opportunities?

TY, and I can't wait to stand shoulder to shoulder with my fellow Tich Hordees and earn a part of the PvP reputation that Tich stands for.
Listen Brutourian,
I'm happy that your life is perfect because you've been a hardcore PvP player on Tichondrius since the Beta of Vanilla. I'm happy that you have all the achievements a boy could ever attain because of it. I joined a !@#$ty server to play Wow with my %^-*ty real life friends. They are all gone now, and FINANCES were the only thing keeping me from transferring here a long time ago.

So stop being a WoW "hipster" and lamenting the fact that average PvP players on Tichondrius are 7000% better than the best players from most other servers. Stop being that crass and sarcastic jerk/troll that nobody likes. (I bet you're main is Alliance, because you seem to have their attitude).

I'll find a guild, I'll work my !@# off, and I'll earn my achievements...all I'm looking for is to make some friends, open up some opportunities, and get pointed in the right direction. I hope that your self-righteous attitude is an anomoly and that most of the Horde on Tichondrius are significantly nicer people than you appear to be with your lack of help and arrogantly crass retorts.

What I really don't understand is your smuggness. I looked up you achievements and your gear. It appears that on my useless server, I out rate you in RBGs & gear. So I guess you're the big bully of the forums, but after inspections it looks like you should spend more time putting work in instead of puttin people down.

So with all that being said...i could really use some advice, direction, or PvP guild opinions.
I admire your dedication.

That said, most of us (the tich elite, almost gods irl) will never trust anyone from the House Lannister.

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