The Rise of Strife (in character)

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Veothore turned to look at Harrington. "Sure," he told the man. "The more people we have with a good understanding of Orcish, the better. I believe Connika knows some Orcish, too, but alas, two of us in a large group like this will likely not make the difference."

Veothore handed the book to him.

"I am contemplating whether or not we should take the two drakes," he muttered as he turned away from the vice captain and stared at the resting sheep. "The captain would have to look out for them at the camp..."

Veothore spoke a few incantations as he waved his hands in the direction of the sheep. They had begun to grow wool on patches that the fluff had gone missing. Their faces became more ovular; the animals gave a slight hiccup when Veothore finished with a flourish.
"Please take care of him" said Nadra to the stable master. Her warp stalker, Telaar, would hopefully be safe in the hands of this stranger. "I will be back for him as soon as possible. Oh and he likes to eat Skethyl Berries," she said, as she handed a small satchel full of the fruit to the woman.

Ka'thos gave a faint smile as she left Old Town. Whatever the outcome was going to be for the crazy mission, she decided Telaar would do best to stay out of it.
Faint, blue light blossomed across the Stormwind sky. Clouds shifted slowly across; the clocktower had also awoken, chiming not too far from the organization base. A small pitter patter on the windows alerted some of the drizzling that occurred outside. The headquarter's door could be heard opening from upstairs.

Elwynn stepped past the entrance and closed it. "Is anyone awake yet?!" he yelled.

From out the bedroom stepped Veothore. "Quiet down, Elwynn. Alaric needs some more rest, I believe. Do you possess everything you will be taking with you on the trip?" he said.

Elwynn nodded. "Yes, that's everything. So, what are we waiting for? They need to get up now!"
Alaric Morgan

Alaric woke to the clock tower tolling the arrival of dawn and he sighed as he grunted, pushing himself up. As he got out of bed he blearily put himself through his morning routine, dropping to the floor for a quick set of push-ups, sits-ups and then a series of stretches. When he had finished that he heard voices from the entryway and he quickly donned a cloth shirt before heading out to join them.

"Yes they do, however I am the one who will decide when we leave Elwynn, so unless something has changed since yesterday afternoon our plan remains the same." He said in a calm voice. "Veothore if you could quietly wake the team up and then assemble them on the docks. Do so quietly and without making too much of a scene. I'd rather avoid letting Horde spies know that a small contingent of Alliance special forces are on the move." He ordered quietly before turning back to his room and finishing his morning ritual.

After splashing water on his face and neck he took a towel to his face and reverently began the process of putting his armor on. It was a ritual for him, he prayed to the Light and slowly but surely armed himself for battle. As he worked the armor hummed and glowed faintly with a golden light, showing that it wasn't just idle prayers Alaric was saying. When he was finished he took up his libram and attached it to the chains on his armor, letting the iron bound book fall to his side where it hung on his left thigh. When he was finished inspecting and checking his armor he went to his mace, hefted it and made sure it was in good condition before letting it rest on his shoulder and walking out into the entryway.

He stood there for a moment, listening to the stirrings and the slow process of the team waking up as they all prepared themselves for the dangerous road ahead. "Elwynn you and I shall head to the docks first since you are antsy to begin." Alaric said, not waiting to see if the scout would follow his orders or not as he walked out of the building and into the morning light, his armor glimmering quietly in the rising sun. People who say quickly got out of the Paladin's way, not wishing to disturb him both because of the Knight's tabard and the Captain's badge he wore but also because of the massive two-handed mace he had resting on his shoulder.
Elwynn's face flushed with embarrassment.

"Alaric," said Veothore, following him out of the headquarters. "Didn't we agree to teleport to Kalimdor? I could open up a portal for all of us to use."
Alaric Morgan

Paused as he heard Veothore's words. "Yes, we will do it from a more private location not here. I want it to look like business as usual, not like we all just disappeared. So we will do so from a place where it will be harder to watch us." His words just loud enough for the mage to hear yet not loud enough for any possible eavesdroppers. Alaric then stood waiting to see if Elwynn would follow or not and if Veothore would start organizing the groups to move to the docks in small groups.

"This is practice for when we get to Orgrimmar, we need to move with discretion and try not to draw attention to ourselves. Simply put I am attempting to draw the attention of all those who might be watching us while you and the others quickly and silently make your way to the docks and get a portal to Theramore open quickly. I will join you and be through before any spies know what is going on. We need to stay ahead of the Horde as much as possible here. Speen and deception will be our allies right now." Alaric said, thinking like a field commander would, hiding his cards till he absolutely had to play them.
"Ah, alright. I shall let everyone know where to meet up," said Veothore, fumbling with a small pocket knife in his hand, and rustling some torn pages in another. He entered the threshold of the base, swinging the door closed.

"Captain, don't you think we should find a more discreet place than the Stormwind Harbor? Not that I am questioning your tactics — you are boss here," said Elwynn nervously as he walked beside Alaric.
Alaric Morgan

Grinned at Elwynn, "Ah at this time of day? The Docks will be the busiest place in the entire city. The tide is about to go out and ships are rushing to prepare to leave as well as come in before it does go out. It will be the perfect place to disappear from without many eyes able to track us." He said with a grin at the scout, the two making their way towards the Cathedral District, taking a roundabout way to the Docks.
Elwynn could not help but notice the cleverness of the commander's plan. He began to speak to him in a hushed volume.

"I hope that the rest of the team is ready for this. I made my way to the Cathedral this morning to receive some blessings, and I have to say that I'm feeling more confident than last night," muttered Elwynn as they made their way down a stone staircase and past a number of homes. Two guards could be seen having a drink nearby.
As the sun rose, Waraila emerged from the long and shaded pass that lead from the Northern gate into the Valley of Honour. Already the heat from the morning sun was baking the city, heat which was made worse by the sheer amount of metal adorning the buildings.

She had abandoned her feline form the moment she had come into sight of the gate, in order not to make the guards nervous. She had little desire for one of them to do something they would regret later, she didn't want trouble with the guards that patrolled, she just wanted to finish her business in the city as soon as possible.

The last time the druidess had been in Orgrimmar, the construction crews had been hard at work, converting the wood and hide buildings into something that, in her private opinion, resembled the work of Fel Orcs. The metal spikes adorning the structures were a waste, they were decorative and didn't even serve the purpose of holding the building up. Unlike the wood that the Tauren used in their permanent structures, those were decorated with carvings once the structure had been built.

She snorted, now though it just magnified the desert sun and Waraila wondered if the orcs were trying to kill themselves with the heat. Even though a river ran through the valley now, she wondered how long it would last.

Taking a sip from her waterskin, and cursing faintly when she realised she was almost out of water, she began to slowly walk towards the road that would take her into the main thoroughfare, and the main market of Orgrimmar. Perhaps it would be wise to stock up on supplies first? No she had to see when the next Zeppelin to Thunder bluff was leaving first.

She could buy what she required later if she had time to.

However the thought of willingly getting onto one of the goblin contraptions known as Zeppelins made her shiver. She didn't trust the flying machines one bit, nor for that matter was she too keen on Gnome machines either. Both types were liable to blow up at any time, or just fail for no apparent reason. However it was the only way she was going to get to Thunder Bluff in a reasonable time. If she tried to walk there, it would take her weeks, mainly to avoid the patrols and scouts of the Alliance army that last she heard was still besieging the Great Gate.

No, the Zeppelin was the only way, but she swore to herself that when the time came to go to the Cenarian Enclave in the Eastern Plaguelands she would take the boat to Booty bay and walk the rest of the way.

It was safer.


It was cooler in the Drag, ironically enough, because the awnings that stretched overhead were still of the bone and hide variety, instead of metal and more metal. It kept the sun off, but even the dry heat radiated from the metal clad buildings clinging to the narrow cliffs.

Already people were beginning to go about the daily business of buying goods, but the druidess noticed the high prices, and the lack of most kinds of food. Food was the highest priced item of all, it's scarcity wasn't surprising. Thunder Bluff supplied a lot of grain and water to the Horde, Trade with the elves no longer existed so game was in short supply too.

It came as no surprise that metal was cheap, which made her wonder at the other reasons for constructing Orgrimmar out of metal and stone. She also saw very few Trolls, time was that the trolls were all over the City, but since she had arrived she was hard pressed to recall seeing even one.

Were the rumours true then? That Vol'jin had fallen out with the Orcs? She shook her head and continued walking towards one of the lifts to the skyway. It wasn't her concern any longer. She was only a fringe member of the Horde now, her loyalties lay with the Cenarian Circle and her own people.


“What do you mean it left two days ago? I asked when the next Zeppelin to Thunder Bluff was due, not when the last one left!” Waraila glared down at the unctuous goblin that was manning the Zeppelin tower. She'd had dealings with this one before, a cheat and a crook who overcharged then tended to 'forget' that the customers had already paid.

The goblin didn't seem to notice and babbled on about winds and the Alliance taking potshots at the balloon which kept them afloat.. A subject Waraila really didn't want to dwell on, and she stamped her foot impatiently.

Whether it was the fact that a large Tauren seemed willing to crush his head, or that he had run out of excuses to timewaste the goblin finally spoke something she wanted to hear “A week, the next one isn't due to leave for a week. We have the supplies to unload before passengers can boa..”

“Ok enough, I'll book passage on the Zeppelin, and you had better be sure that there is room” Waraila said, tossing the Goblin her money and waiting until he had written it down in the ledger. “If I find you've cheated me, like you tried to do last time I was here, I'll bring it up with the guards”

Wandering away, the druidess decided that she would hire a room in the Tauren run inn in the Valley of Wisdom, away from the heat and metal that was already draining her dry. Although she decided it would also be wise to purchase more waterskins if she was going to be in Orgimmar for a week waiting for the Zeppelin. Without water she'd die of the sheer dry heat of the place, and again wondered at how the Orcs managed to just survive here.

Infiltrate Orgrimmar? Connika was busy ruminating over another experimental brew. This time she'd gone with 'exotic' ingredients - syrup, rosemary and some spice that she couldn't remember the name of. Experiment #139 was discarded shortly after the concoction melted the ladel she was using to stir with.

Infiltrating Orgrimmar meant disguises. Which meant she'd have to disguise goblin! YUCK! The gnome visibly shivered at the thought of that in her little hidey-cave as she emptied the cauldron's smoking contents into the nearby Loch. The water smoked happily as the mage scowled in annoyance. She'd have to grab a bunch of gaudy looking jewelry to make sure her disguise was any good...and then actually pretend to be a goblin so none of the orcs got suspicious. They'd be too intimidated by genius Gnomish intellect of course. Not so much by a dumb goblin.

Well, a dumb *Horde* goblin. Some of the ones working in Booty Bay were ok. For goblins. They didn't try to claim they were superior to gnomes, and most of their stuff usually didn't explode, which was good.

Rather than staying at the organization building...what was the thing called anyway? She'd forgotten...probably the alcohol to blame again. Where was the train of thought? Oh yeah. She stayed at her littly hidey-cave in Loch Modan for the night. The dwarves still hadn't noticed it yet, and that was just fine. They'd probably burn her secret stash of Pandaren beer, and that would be a crime against gnomanity.

The next day, Connika woke with a start realising she was late to rise. Sleepy-eyed and tousle-haired, she quickly teleported herself back to the headquarters and made her way to the 'common' room (what was common about this room anyway?) and pretended to look like she hadn't slept in too long.
"Ah, Connika!" said Veothore. "Glad you could make it. Pardon the question, but do you know Orcish? I cannot remember if we've had this discussion before, sorry to ask."
Before waiting for a response from Connika, Veothore rushed to tell everyone about where they were supposed to be going. "We must get going to the Stormwind Docks — right now."
Lynara woke with a gasp. She was covered in a cold sweat from the nightmare she had just endured. “It’s alright… It didn’t happen. It wasn’t real.” She told herself as she stood from her bed and rubbed her good eye. She noticed the sun had yet to peak over the horizon. “I can’t sleep after that.” She muttered before putting her armor on and took out her weapons. She sheathed her sword and got her bow and quiver full of arrows ready.

“I hope they can follow on the sentinel path.” She thought to herself as she left the headquarters. She sat next to the water fountain just listening to the gentle splashing of the water. The sound of a door opening caught Lynara’s attention. It was Captain Morgan and Elwynn. Her eye narrowed. “I wonder where they are going.” She asked herself as she decided to follow them at a decent distance.

Eventually they lead her to the harbor. That is when she decided to act. Coming up behind the pair, at least a good five feet away. “Captian Morgan. Elwynn. I trust you were going to inform the rest of us about this little meeting out to the docks?” She asked. Eversince the twilight’s hammer she had trouble keeping trust in anyone, especially those who, to her knowledge, left discreetly. Secretively.
Elwynn looked to Lynara. "We told Veothore to assemble you all at the docks," he told her as they made their way past a large stone lion.
Connika was about to respond to the man when he turned his attention away to mention something about the docks. Docks? Why would they need a boat? Sailing in to Orgrimmar wouldn't be very subtle now would it?

Scowling a little, despite looking like the waking dead, Connika peered up at Veothore and tapped her foot impatiently while he finished speaking. Then piped up to respond to his question. Just to show off, she spoke in Orcish. "Of course I can, do you take me for a brain-dead trogg?" The words came out waspishly - someone didn't take well to being bossed around just after waking up. "My superior Gnomish intellect is well suited for such things. And the Orcish language is a dumb language for dumb meatheads, so it's easy to learn anyway."
Veothore could not help but laugh at the gnome's attitude. "I apologize, Mrs. Sparkwrench. As you can see, we have an important mission for today."

The man left the commons and strode past the bedroom into the basement. From its depths, he carried a sheep, whose neck fashioned a very long, winding leash. Veothore did not seem to notice the befuddled looks on his fellow team member's faces. He turned and faced them.

"Alright everyone, we have very little time to waste; let's get going. Follow me," he said as he swung open the door and allowed everyone to exit. He made his way past the fountain as the others followed.

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