Heals feeling underpowered

This is my first time playing through as a healing class, and I've noticed that as soon as I began healing Cata Heroics, that my overall effeciency seemed to go down the toilet. I had barely any issues up until now, but it feels like my rotation might need a revamp. I've seen that a lot of the high profile pally raid healers use EF blanketing to cover a good part of their healing.

I'm also wondering what works for most people when it comes to Heroic/Raid healing. My avg. healing power per spell is about 17k-19k, which just doesn't seem to cut it when most Tanks/Dps have over 100k health at level 85.

Don't feel like falling short, and I would like to be adjusted and raid ready by the time I hit 90 on this character.

I haven't reforged or gemmed any of my current gear as I've been going through inventory swaps and upgrades all the time
Well, I would suggest reading the Holy Sticky first.

Putting off reforging makes sense, in a way, but it's hurting you also. You want as much mastery as possible. There's no rotation for healing. Simply, picking the right tool for the job and smart healing.

Your glyphs are a bit confusing when matched up to your talents. Mostly, I am talking about glyph of Flash of Light. FoL, is one of those spells that could very well come off your bars as a Holy Paladin. Especially, since you aren't using Selfless Healer. I'm not suggesting you use Selfless Healer, btw.

Divine Purpose !

Read the sticky, I could start rattling off things that won't really help you unless you understand why I am telling you those things. Come back with questions after you've read the info. Good Luck.
Holy pally heals are one of the top right now. Check worldoflogs.
Holy Paladins are far from being under powered. We are, however, pretty gear dependent. But that stands for Paladins as a class entirely, not just our spec. Right now your in that awkward phase, especially at level 85, where everything feels super weak. Id upgrade your gear, gain a few levels, and see how things go. Personally speaking? while leveling this toon my only complaint was being mana starved constantly. Id make sure you use your racial and Divine Plea at 80% mana and then again off every CD until the fight is over. Use mana food to supplement between pulls -obvious I know- and try to use holy power as much as possible. Id also recommend you switch your Glyph "protector of the innocent" to "Light of Dawn." The two fewer targets healed isnt as big of a deal when you can burst out multiple LoD's @ 25% more healing done with Divine Purpose procs. This will help with group/raid healing. As far as your tank, just keep a good EF on him all the time, I like to pop a holy shock and then an EF on the tank before they pull to get a good amount of Illuminated Healing on them, it helps for immediate pull dmg, reduces the chance of getting healer aggro off a tank on pull, and also pads the healing chart a little bit :P After that spamming holy light around with Beacon usually keeps a tank sustained. Divine light during high dmg phases and dont forget Hand of Sacrifice. You can macro this with your bubble and make a 30% dmg reduction CD for your tank at no health cost to you, or heal through the dmg on yourself, which ever floats your boat.
I wouldnt worry to much about how much your healing at this level though.

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