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A new video has been posted to the Live Leak site that claims to be a North Korean propaganda video showing a dystopian American society.
It’s unclear if the translation is accurate, and whether the video did in fact originate in North Korea. But it's tempting and easy to believe the video is the real deal. After all, it was only last month that the North Korean government released a truly strange propaganda video that depicted one of its citizens having a dream in which the U.S. is attacked by Korean missiles—set to the 1980s' charity song sensation, "We Are the World."
But if true, the video is hilarious in its attempt to create an imaginary America where the population lives off of snow and has eaten the entire population of birds. Yes, that’s right, the video repeatedly claims that there are no birds in America because the people have been forced to eat all of them.
“Drinking coffee made from snow, living in tents and buying guns to kill each other, especially children,” the video intones. “You’ll see there are no birds. They have been eaten by the people who live in these tents and corridors.”
In one of the stranger moments, the video shows a person who supposedly lives in one of these tents. “The American Red Cross supplies curtains for walls for the tents with material from North Korea,” the translator explains.
And in another, a bearded, apparently homeless man waits in line for food from a street truck vendor. “This man, a former Republican candidate from Oregon, is having to get coffee made of snow from trucks,” our narrator grimly intones.
“People pass by, not caring, for they are in the same situation.”
The line that has generated the snarkiest responses so far comes at the video's conclusion: “This is how they live in America: the poor, the lonely, the !@#$%^-*!@.”
So, what do you think? Is this propaganda video for real or is it too weird even for the North Korean government?

Today I shot down a couple of robins and a blue jay. They were delicious.
Never realized you Americans had it so bad, fortunately I live in Icy wastes of Canada, where I ride as a proud member of the Polar Bear Cavalry and live of a steady diet of Moose Meat and Timbits.
I swear, the more research I do on North Korea, the stranger the country becomes to me.

I've seen several documentaries, produced on the sly and smuggled out of the country, that reveal many of their major cities to be more or less.... well, fake. False fronts, if you will. Devoid of people, businesses, or most daily activities. Schools and hotels that are purposely filled with people when foreigners are around, and then emptied when the outsiders leave. Fifty-story-high apartment buildings, completely abandoned by tenants yet still maintained (by the state?) in order to give the false appearance they are lived in. "Computer Tutoring Centers" that are promoted to tourists as "cutting edge" and "state of the art", but are only stocked with PCs and textbooks from the 1980s. Fake "CES" type shows that are put on for foreigners, promoting smartphones and PC technology to access the "Internet" -- when the actual Internet is not even available in their country (only a State-filtered version is accessible). And, I'm not even going to start on the strange god-like powers that they attribute to their leaders, and then feed to the people as law (they can fly, create light with their hands, melt snow off mountains, etc.)
So.... North Koreans are so horribly stupid they believe you can make Warm Snow? By heating it up?
I say everybody should just go along with it.

03/12/2013 08:57 PMPosted by Drakmor
fortunately I live in Icy wastes of Canada,

Spare a cup of snow? We are snowless where I live.
I'm curious if I'll ever see the North Korean government fall in my life time. That would be pretty fascinating to see.

Also, visiting Pyongyang is on my bucket list. Its tough for people to get in, even tougher for Americans...but I am a Turkish immigrant and I was not born in the US, so maybe I'll have an easier time.
Did this come from the Onion, btw? Or something similar?
Aw it turn out to be fake :(
Considering about 5% of world population lives in US and we consume like... 30% of world resources, I'm afraid that video might be true some day. Not to mention peak oil is the ever growing problem.

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