Anything actual legendary quest-worthy coming from it?

Now, I only ask because currently Warlocks are getting a quest that should count as legendary itself. The final boss there is just incredible. Before that, Rogues got to enjoy several quests that actually required them to use their skills and stealth.

For this current "legendary" quest chain, I feel there has been nothing interesting about it at all. Maybe I'm in the minority here, but I feel as though there's nothing legendary about getting 40, then 20, then 40 more random quest drops through once a week bosses. I understand this model has been used for ages, just as way to deter players from getting legendary quick, but, isn't it time to move on from that and make this quest chain really something to remember? Unless there is something planned, I just see the next stage being about collecting Garroshs minions nametags, and maybe hitting exalted or something equally long with a new daily hub faction.

Maybe I'm alone on this, but, this quest chain just feels like a complete repetitive time sink, unoriginal with no actual planning drag. I feel like if anything it was only put in so we wouldn't have a patch where X is the class to be due to getting a legendary, and no actual deep storyline would have to be made.

To players, please note I'm not trying to say "give me it NOW", but surely some of us that do enjoy a good story, and that HAVE done the Rogue chain/Warlock chain would like to see something more from a quest chain labeled "legendary" .

Supposedly there's a single-player scenario (similar to the Warlock Black Temple scenario) in the 5.2 portion of the quest line. But no one has reached that point yet and it wasn't on the PTR.

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