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Earthen Ring
Greetings! A few friends and I have recently found ourselves looking for a new place to raid so I thought I'd put it out there to the forum community to see what kind of openings are available.

We have a Demo warlock, a monk that is geared for and can play any of the three specs, a warrior that is geared for tanking and dps, and possibly a holy/ret paladin of a high caliber. All of us have a 490 ilvl or above. We are looking for a raid that is focused on clearing content at least on normal before the next tier comes out and raids 2 nights a week.

Feel free to whisper in-game or message back on here if you think you have a raid that can accomodate this; I know it's a lot to ask but no harm in trying. ;)
Would you be willing to faction change?
Sadly no. I personally have a level 90 hunter on Horde side that is looking for a raiding home but the rest of my crew is unwilling to faction change due to having alt toons that act as profession support systems.
But all the cool kids play Horde
False: Frostea is Horde.
you wanna take this to the yard
If you all like 25 man raiding we are recruiting for our 25 man team. We raid Mon, Tues, Thursday 8pm to 11pm. Feel free to check out our site www.lesgrognards.net for apps and guild info and you can contact anyone in game and they'll answer anything.
I looked at Old Guard because I've had friends that have been a part of the guild throughout the past few years but the big drawback for two of our people is three nights a week. I see that you have rotating rosters; is there a possibilty of working something out to where they could have a night off each week?
Hi Remulas. Yes, we do rotate people as needed and we try to accommodate nights off for our players. In this way, 25mans are a little more flexible than 10s. We also have a raid scheduling/availability thread set up for each week so that people can let the officers know ahead of time if they won't be able to make a certain raid night or if they may be late.
I spoke with Midnitini the other evening and we're in the process of making sure we have all of our hens in the coop before app'ing. Sounds like both sides are encouraged by what the other is saying so hopefully this will work out and make a smith transition. Regardless, I'm impressed with how helpful and friendly members of the guild have been; it's not always so easy to find.
Turns out I spoke a little too soon for the others, so please disregard this thread!

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