[Raiding] 487 Warlock Looking For Guild.

Hallo, and thank you for reading this if you intend to recruit me.

I have been playing this game since The Burning Crusade and most of the time spent playing has been on my Warlock.

Most of my raiding experience was based in Wrath, after taking a bit of a break off and on in Cata, until I eventually came back around two months ago. I plan on raiding throughout this entire expansion and then some.

I play all specs this patch and am quite good at it. I make sure to have my reforging/gems/enchants correct. I always have pots/flasks/buff food for raids and am always on at least thirty minutes before raid, if not earlier. I always make sure to study fights before hand if I do not know them, or ask long before the raid.

I would prefer to raid anywhere after eight pm eastern and no later than one or two am, any day(s) of the week.

If you are looking for someone who is very dedicated to his class, very raid aware, and prone to be very high dps/damage message me in game at Sikendo#1510.

Also, I love humour, a bit of foul language, long walks on the beach and the smell of vanilla candles.
Hello, Ghaltur our guild is looking for players to add to our 10m core raid. We are a level 25 Guild that recently transferred here from a dead server :/ If your looking for a hard core raid group well that not us we are just a group of casual guys/gals that like to slay virtual monsters and get shinny purple stuff. We usually raid on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and try to start around 9:30 eastern but no later than 10 and go for about 2 hours and sometimes finish out the raid week with a Monday run as well. We are a pretty laid back bunch that like to have fun raid and level alts and help out when we can and also understand RL happens. We do also have just one requirement and that's to at least pull more than 5k dps because thats all we can seem to get out of the fail a$$ mage (Carelanis) in our core group :) thats right Care your secret is out ;) anyway if your interested in becoming part of our group just lmk here or ingame jas89tta#1623 also /who Avantis our GM Carelanis, or officers Bagwell or Casseopia for a invite just tell them the awesome mage in your guild Phigment sent ya :)
Sounds like you're in the boat of the majority of our guild. The majority of us are old time raiders from Vanilla, BC, and WotLK, few of us a played in Cata but have come back to play MoP. We are a 25 man raiding guild that started in mid-December and have made good progress after getting a late start.
We could use a solid warlock for our raids as we currently only have one. We raid Tues/Thurs/Sun from 9pm est to 12am est. We're currently 2/12 in the new raid tier and were 16/16 prior to this in normal modes. If you're interested in more information check out our website: www.beaverdamguild.com
You may also contact me in game (Mik#1473) or one of our other officers: Jimboski or Lojo.
Hey there. I am a member of "Alwayz Naked." We are curerntly 17th on KT with 3/12 in new tier on farm, and hopefully a dead Tortos tonight. We were 5/16H in last tier. A few months ago I came over from a very small 10m guild and merged with this guild. We have about 22-24 people who know their class very well and are very consistent, and are just looking to round off the 25m group. We raid Tues-Thurs 7:30 ST-11:30 ST. We use an EPGP loot system that is both fair and simple. Any questions, please contact myself, Cas, Johnspartar, Mindtemptres, or Dpslegend in game.

You can also check out our website at www.alwayznaked.guildlaunch.com

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