Aussie players

Any aussie players on this server?

Is it busy when your online?
i know a couple, but they're online at all times of the day i've noticed; not just when it's light out down under.
Appreciate the reply.

Thank you.
i could of swore that i read this thread title wrong.
last i knew angelic fury alliance side had alot of Australian players
If you phrase this question differently non australians can answer too :) Activity slows down between 2 AM EST and like 11 AM EST (on weekdays, especially.) Otherwise there tend to be quite a few ppl online. So that's 5 PM - 2 AM in Sydney. Peak hours are maybe 6pm EST - 12am EST? 9 am - 3pm in Sydney?
You now they're aussie when they hand u a vegemite sandwich
vegemite sandwich


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