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I just started the Isle of Thunder questline, and I'm having some major difficulties with the big boss battle against the guy with the huge floating mask. First, the game tells me to hide inside a barrier, but everywhere I try to hide, the mask's light burst attack still gets me -- and it takes my health down fast!

Second, now that I've died several times, my equipment is broken and I can't continue without repairs. When I try to use the teleport thing that's supposed to take me back to the Sunreavers, I get a message telling me that I have to be on the Isle of Thunder to use it (Isn't that where I am?). If I start to leave the solo instance, it tells me I won't be able to return if I do.

So, how can I get my equipment repaired and return to finish the quest? And how do I get through this battle? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
First of all, you have to keep moving. Go in the barrier when the mask does its song. Also, kite the boss so he's outside the barrier. Otherwise, he doesn't take as much damage. It's not going to hurt you to stay outside the barrier as bad as you think.

Use your pet to move the boss out of the barrier. Root him, stun him, do what you need to do, just make sure you use your pet to keep him out of the barrier, otherwise it's going to take a while to kill him.

Just be patient and read his pattern. It's fairly easy once you watch it a while. Don't let your frustration get to you. You'll be fine.
abandone the quest if u can
and try to port. or run around the ap maybe see if u can get back to the ships
For one, you really should get your gear enchanted. Every bit helps. The +80 to stats chest enchant is especially good. Too early for higher brain functions, but is spirit bond only available for BM spec? If so, switch to that...the continuous healing also helps. Better gear also helps of course, but that comes with time

I need some coffee!!
You may just need better gear, the entire thing was easy for me to do without using even blood presence. So again, im suspecting a gear issue.
As far as the barrier, it is always cast right where he is standing, just stand on his !@#$ right behind him. I just sat in the barrier the whole time with him and whittled him down. Occasionally I would morph and use the bats to knock him out, but meh, not hard.
The boss drops the barrier on himself, but outside of casting his spell (presumably at your pet) he will move to melee you/your pet afterwards. You can exploit this by moving him out of the barrier and then sitting in it yourself. The Spirit Bond talent will help, and if your BM spec has a spirit beast then you can also have that heal you on cooldown too. If that's STILL not enough, then if you look inside the tent you will find a devil's blood elixir that will restore you to full hp.

Just don't sit outside the bubble when the mask is singing the hymn of silence. Presuming you're allowing your pet to tank (and you're keeping it healthy!) you shouldn't be taking much damage.

As for your equipment, just exit the scenario and you should be able to restart it by speaking to Lor'themar again - though you'll have to go from the start of the scenario again.
I just stood in the shield and cast without moving. I think I was at about 30-40% when boss died.
My first run through I was elemental on this character. I had three different times that fight where it calls out to hide under the barrier, but there was narry a barrier to be seen. The barrier would appear about 3 or 4 seconds into the aoe. Healing stream totem was enough to get me through, but I figured I was doing something wrong.

Ran it later on a feral druid, the barrier was always up and I had no problem. ¯\(°_o)/¯
I managed it as a pure holy priest, just stood in the barrier when needed. As a hunter it should be a piece of cake. Just make your pet move when he drops the barrier on himself so he's not under it and you're gold.
I was on a phone call so paid no attention to the instructions for it. I did it as elemental, and got it to 10% health without ever going in any bubbles or dodging anything. After I died, came back and finished him off since he was still at 10%
i took him down inside the barrier the whole time.


but it still got done i was a warrior with second wind.
I never bothered with the barrier, instead I kited him around and used damage reduction cooldowns and self-heals to deal with the aoe.
Just keep running back in and doing what damage you can. I'm pretty sure the NPC that's aiding you will not die. As people have suggested move him out of the barrier then you go stand in it. Set your pet away from the bubble, misdirect to it, then move inside barrier and autoshoot until you win. Enjoy the repair bill!
As far as the barrier, it is always cast right where he is standing, just stand on his !@#$ right behind him. I just sat in the barrier the whole time with him and whittled him down. Occasionally I would morph and use the bats to knock him out, but meh, not hard.
I also just stayed inside the barrier. It took me 7 min to kill him,but no worries.
Go do the Arena of Annihilation scenario and get yourself the 450 bow, gun or whatever it is. Takes like 10 mins to do. That is my only comment. Do this after you finish with the annoying quest you are stuck on of course ;-)
Thanks for the help, all of you! I am still fairly new to WoW, so there's a lot I don't know about.
just work on some better gear first, then you will do it no problem
Yeah, Vereesa will just keep tanking it no matter how many times you die, so it's really a gimme other than the repair bill.
I didn't even hide, but I did move to move him out of the barrier.
And he is stunnable, cc able.

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