Black Prince Chain

Hi all
I just completed the 5.0 part of the chain (Getting the +500 stat gem) And I've started the 5.1 part (Geting 6k valor) I'm curious.
In order to complete the 5.1 part (All the way leading up to where i have to kill the leader of the horde faction in Krasarang. Do I have to have rep with OPERATION SHIELDWALL. (Not Black prince. I have enough rep that I need with him) Or can I just skip it? I never do dailies because I hate them, But I will do them if i need to.

TL:DR version:
I want to know if i have to have Operation Shieldwall rep to complete the 5.1 part of the chain for Black prince, that leads me to kill the leader of the horde base in krasarang.
Operation: Shieldwall rep is not required for the Black Prince questline.
yes, but if the thunder isle mobs give rep at your current point i would do them over the 6 weeks, farther up the 4.3 quest line he wants exalted reputation which is painlessly easy when doing the normal daily's.

as far as the leader when you reach that point i heard a certain addon can put you into a group with people from every realm to complete it or reply on the forum when they get a group together. the quest is easy just finding the people is hard.

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