Any Hobbies besides WoW?

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League of Legends
Making music
Bow hunting
Performing music
Listening to music
(Oh crap did I reveal to much)
As I said earlier
I am the vocalist for a power metal group called "Chord of Valkyries" we are still deciding to go between Gothic Metal (eg: Moonspell) or Progressive Power Metal (eg: Blind Guardian, King Crimson)
Riding my Ninja waaaaay too fast on public streets...
Play the piano, draw, read manga/watch anime/watch tv shows, cook/bake, fold paper stars, listen to music, transcribe music.
Well, I like to draw although I'm not quite the best yet, and I will sometimes write. I'd probably write more but I rarely think of a good story idea to write so I usually draw.

Pets are another hobby of mine. I just can't resist them! I have a dog, a cat, several mice, some fish, and most recently, a pair of parakeets. Oh and I go horse riding on the weekends (although the horse I ride isn't technically mine).

I also like swimming but unfortunately I don't have a pool or anything, and it's only warm enough to swim in summer where I live, unless you don't mind really chilly water.
I'm working on becoming a better gardener, which reminds me that I have some dirt to water. I'm really just flippin bad at gardening, but I try so hard. Ive got some herbs in the pipeline, and some flowers, but my dream garden would be full of big fat pumpkins and maybe some melons, because they have more purpose. Plus I've heard that growing big veggies/fruit is good for air quality, so.

Interestingly, to me anyway, when I moved from central NY to NW Ohio, I realized that not everywhere in the world was there a stone in the soil every 3 inches. So, good for gardening - bad for um.. painting rocks, I guess? :)
I read. I write a bit, too. But what I really like to do is find something completely ridiculous and laugh until there's urine all over the floor. For example:

- I do a lot of pushup for fun... it's almost an addiction I would say ( 100 count sets 10-15 times a day )

- I watch a BUNCH of greys anatomy

- I like to bake cookies/cupcakes

- Electrical trumpet

- Off road unicycling

- Other that I usually just sit in my chair, spinning my chinese stress balls in one hand, petting my cat in the other.. reflecting on my successful life.
I used do have classical ballet classes 4 days a week, and that was my main hobby, but then I got a stress fracture, and WoW happened. Now I can take a few classes a week, but other than that, I read a lot. And tumblr......lots of tumblr.
Besides gaming, Guitars, drawing and cosplaying.
-drawing. realistic, manga and fashion designing
-writting. im currently writting a story i have been working on for almost 10 years now. i intend to get it published although it will prolly be about 4 books. i have other stories i have lined up to write after this one
-3d modelling and video game programing. im creating my own game along with my fiance. will take a few years to finish.i have the story laid out for the game as well. which ill eventually turn into a series of books.
I work 5 days a week, so even though that's not a hobby at all, I think I gotta mention it because it takes up most of my time. Besides, here are my hobbies (I know some might sound weird but hey. I am weird, no shame.)

-Butterflying (Chasing butterflies + killing + mounting them on frames)
-Metal detecting (Hopefully finding some treasure)
-Doing pretty much anything in nature, observing birds, insects, animals.
I'm more of a sport-loving kind of guy.

-Ice Hockey

And that pretty much sums me up. Yerp.
I watch a lot of movies. 716 blu-rays and counting...
Binge-watching TV series. Currently watching Dexter.
PS3/Xbox 360/3DS games

I used to read a lot. College kind of killed that for me. Fiction has been replaced with non-fiction. When I'm done studying, the last thing I want to look at is another book, even if it's fantasy or sci-fi.

Recently started playing League of Legends. It's really becoming a filler for WoW as of late. Kind of bored...

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