Guardian Druid

500 ilvl tank looking for a guild to share same passion for raid progressions.Able to raid 5pm st to 10.30 pm st.
Still looking
Could have something for you if interested;

Tank role ofc.
Whisper me or Brocolliform in game, can add Vivacious#1638 if needed. I have 2 tank spots open and in need of filling for ToT progression.

Provided you are willing to transfer of course :)
had tanks leave our guild for personal reasons, was 3/12 heading towards 6/12 hit us up with a message if interested #xanity1444
Hi there, do u have a battletag i could get to talk to you on?

ive currently had to reform the raid team for my new guild because of a few people deciding not to play anymore.

We will be getting some competitive progression once i fill the roster and currently we are in need of a bear tank to complete a good raid composition applying all buffs etc. feel free to contact me via BTag: ActionMann93#6342

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