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Been trying to patch up ATSW to work properly again, and haven't had any luck getting the Tradeskill Reagent to link.. however, in my endeavors to fix this, I've come across something rather interesting, and wonder if it may be causing the issue itself. Namely, a mistyped function name...

Purposely bugging the call GetTradeSkillReagentItemLink(), I get the error: "Usage: GetTradeReagentSkillItemLink(index, reagentIndex)".. is it possible this mistype is causing an issue in the call? Currently, when called properly, it always returns a nil value instead of a link.
This is a known bug. You don't need a blue to confirm it:
This function is broken on 5.2.0 build 16650 and always returns nil.
I didn't ask for it to be confirmed, now did I? I already knew that a 3rd party site listed it as broken. I was giving more information for the developers to hopefully solve the issue. A simple mistype like this can be easily overlooked because all the right words are there.. hell, it took me looking at it 3 times to realize it was in the wrong order. THAT's all I was doing, NOT asking for it to be confirmed. I KNOW it's broken. I CAN'T see the code engine behind it all to see why it's broken, just what I observe.
You sounded like you didn't know about it so I'm just pointing out that it's listed as a known issue. No need to sound so defensive, you don't need to justify it to me.
Blue responses here are like waiting for godot kind of thing though. If you want a blue response you're better off asking in CS or General forum.
Blues very rarely post in this forum anyway.

You would be waiting a very long time for a blue post on this.

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He's not asking for a response. He just noticed that the usage error is reporting a different function (that doesn't exist) for a recently-bugged function and that typo could be the cause.

It's not: "Blues: I just noticed the function GetTradeSkillReagentItemLink is telling us to use GetTradeReagentSkillItemLink. Tell me what you think it."

It's: "Blues: I just noticed the function GetTradeSkillReagentItemLink is telling us to use GetTradeReagentSkillItemLink. Maybe this will help you fix it."

That said, I see this incorrect usage was around in 2006, so it probably isn't the cause of the new bug but it's a good catch worthy of reporting. The frame method SetInsertMode also has an incorrect usage error (or did last I checked) but unlike GetTradeSkillReagentItemLink it continues to work.

edit: and the OP may have already run across this, but a workaround for the moment appears to be the second return of tooltip:GetItem() after doing a tooltip:SetTradeSkillItem(skill,reagent). But tooltip scans are very computationally expensive. It's a workaround but at a heavy cost.
I think the misleading part was the question mark in the thread title followed by the all caps. I'd probably change the title to something like:
[suggestion] Possible solution to GetTradeSkillReagentItemLink() bug
which generally makes people like me skip it automatically and hopefully makes devs take a look.
This still seems to be an issue. Which is getting quite annoying. I have a lot of professions maxed and do work for my guild and others in trade and it's getting REALLY old having to type out all the mats, especially for items that require either a lot of mats or mats with long names, because the linking function for recipe mats isn't working...

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