Group of guildies lf a new home.

We are Abom (25) guild that is looking for a new more active guild to call home. Our situation is that we are too small to raid ourselves and we are looking to merge with another guild. Most of our members are burned out at the moment and really just want to raid or do other group content. We currently have 6 members that are looking to move immediately and there will be a few more when we can get ahold of them. If you want specifics feel free to ask but, our roles include 2 tanks, and multiple dps at the moment. For more details post your questions or you can get ahold of me at Woodlow#1122.

Note: A number of our members are purely casual players and only look to raid when they have time.
We have room for you in Dawning Nemesis. I am interested in forming a 3rd raid team.

Please contact me in game to discuss further.
Ascension is looking for more members to fill its ranks and if you are interested let me know, we are a weekend raiding guild times Fri-Sat 7-11 Est.

Our Site is still being put together but for the most part is finished.
We have made our choice. Thank you all for you consideration.

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