Mage - 506 ilvl - 6/16H 5/12N exp - LF Guild

This is the basics of what I seek -

Times: 7:45 PM (EST) - 1:00 AM (EST) [Anywhere in the allotted time frame is fine]
Progression: At least 3/12 N Throne of Thunder
Raid type: Either 10 or 25 Man
Raid Guild type: Semi-Hardcore ("Casual Hardcore") Preferred

The basics about me -

Age: 23
Spec(s): Primary - Fire __ Secondary - Frost
MoP Experience: 16/16 N 6/16H T14 (Majority done on both 10 and 25 man) - 5/12 N T15 (All 25 Man)
Previous Content Experience: Raided as Mage since Vanilla. Hardcore capacity in TBC and Wrath. Did not play in Cataclysm.

For more info:

Will apply on websites
Talk/Interview on Vent/Mumble/Teamspeak etc.
Conversation in game -
Battletag is Frenzocity#1284
Contact me in game we are very interested in having you join our 10 man raid team 1.

We are 3/12 ToT and raid Tues, Wed, Fri 8-11 server time.

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