[H] <Silly Hats Only> LFM late night

<Silly Hats Only> is a Horde late night 25 man raiding guild on US-Kil'Jaeden where the core are working adults. We offer a fair, friendly, mature, and progressive raiding environment. We all share the common values of being respectable, responsible, and accountable.

We raid:
- On Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
- From 10pm to 1am Pacific (Server time)
- For 3 days / 9 hours a week

As part of being raid ready, we expect every raider to pick up information regarding raiding (etiquette, speccing, gemming, glyphing, enchanting, boss encounters, consumables, gear for mainspec, offspec, etc).

We raid 9 hours a week and we push to get as much done in that time as possible.

Current High Need:
-DPS (not hunter/rogue)

We are always looking for strong individuals that can contribute in raids and socially out of raids.

We are interested in folks who share these qualities:
1. Remain informed and updated about WoW.
2. Are driven to excel and be competitive with their peers.
3. Are self-sufficient and reliant but willing to lend a helping hand.
4. Are self-aware and accountable for their actions or lack thereof.
5. Are environment aware and will adapt quickly to situational changes.
6. Are able to take directions and execute them well.
7. Have a good personality and strong character.

We like to keep our roster at about 30 or so. Our aim is for everyone to get playing time and while we sometimes may rotate folks in and out depending on progression needs, we will always try to make things fair for everyone.

All applications are private. We prefer applicants who can contribute at or close to our level of progression.

We are always open to players who share our values and culture. If you are looking for a long term raiding home, we are looking for good long term folks to raid with.

More information can be found on our guild site: http://www.sillyhatsguild.com

Loot System: Hybrid DKP and loot council for tier tokens.

Contact: Ayleah, Donomito, Darkeststar, Mularos

Silly Hats Only
Who we are: 25man progression guild
When: 10pm-1am Sever (PST) Tue, Wed, Thurs
Where: Kil’Jaeden (LA Data center High Population realm)
What Next: www.sillyhatsguild.com
Use a HS, Oh wait!!!
To update: we are still looking for a Warlock and also a DK. We have no DK's at the moment :(
We are still looking to add a dps DK (we have no DK's) and warlock to our roster.
We are still looking for a DK and warlock.
Hi, I'm looking for a guild just like this. A good progression guild that raids late night. While right now I'm not much use to you for raiding (I JUST got back into playing WoW so my gear is crap, I started this char a couple weeks ago from scratch to get back into the game.) I think I'd be a good asset to anybody with the experience I bring from when I did used to play hardcore. If gearing is as fast as it seems it will be I should be good to help progress within a couple weeks.

Even if I could just do alt runs for a while 'til I prove myself and get gear it would be awesome.

My raid experience (all raids were done in the xpac they were released in)

Vanilla: (As resto druid and tank druid)
Cleared all raids except for Naxx (Our guild said screw it since xpac was coming soon :( )

TBC: (As Prot warrior and enh shammy)
All raids up to BT (Never downed Illidan)

All raids up to ICC 10 and 25 (Never downed Lich King... didn't play much in wotlk)

Just the first two raids and only a few bosses in each one. (REALLY didn't play much in cata)

None... just got back into wow. :P

Also a plus... <3 the guild name. :)
Just read more of the OP... gonna go apply on your website.
We are still looking for a DK and warlock.
We're still looking to add a few folks to a roster.

We very much need a Warlock or two, and a Disc Priest at this time.
Could really use a warlock or two still.
5.3 is coming out tomorrow!
Looking for a healer or two!
We are still looking for a healer at this time.
Hey we downed heroic Iron Qon earlier tonight! Still looking for a healer.
We are looking for healers and dps (not really hunter/rogue) to finish up this tier and go in to 5.4.


Healers: Disc Priest, Resto Druid, Resto Shaman, Mistweaver Monk, Holy Paladin

Range DPS: Warlock, Mage, Spriest, Ele Shaman

Melee DPS: Ret Paladin, Enh Shaman, Death Knight, Monk


Healers: Disc Priest, Resto Druid, Resto Shaman, Mistweaver Monk, Holy Paladin

Range DPS: Warlock, Mage, Spriest, Ele Shaman, Balance Druid

Melee DPS: Ret Paladin, Enh Shaman, Death Knight, Monk, Feral cat
Moooore Healers please. Monk, Shammy, Druid, Pally

mmmmhum and some DPS. Lock, Mage, Monk, heck anyone that won't kill themselves enjoys raiding and can perform.
Bring cookies got milk
Did you guys play on arthas back in vanilla?

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