Wargames? (3/22)

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This uses the battletag / realID system. If you want to be assured an invite, please send me an ingame mail with your battletag (I don't use realID) or PST it to me (skywall server) and I will add you to my list. If you're not on SOMEone's battletag or realID list, we can't invite you. If your realID buddy doesn't show up, I'm not running around trying to track everyone down...

As a side benefit, keeping me battletagged means you get notified when I post these. :)

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So, I give up on the signups. If you want to come, post your name, faction, and if you're a heals / FC, and I'll attempt to invite you in the order of posting. We never get the specs to roll right anyway, so I no longer really care what you are outside of a FC. :P Only thing I ask is we get a FC for each team, and preferably 1 healer at least.

I've already talked to Datah, Clay (who missed last time), and Hollister / Blackwaard (two of the 4 queuers (Hollistar / Bebbit, me / Blackwaard)). All are good for Friday night (though Blackwaard would be after 10pm est). Sat night would be a "whoever is on," but the primary focus is Friday, the 22nd. I'm hoping to start getting set up around 9pm (which means we'd be starting at 10, based on previous experience... lol).

I still need to talk to Bebbit (queues with Hollister), just so we have 2 sets of queuers (JIC).

And Arielle, you know you wanna come. Every other durid is doing it. ./pressures her peer

Datah (traitor!!!! :P)
Clay (heals)
Blackzwaard (heals)
Starship (heals) (probable attendance)
Creamo (spammer - maybe)
Vusk (feral / resto)
Nachta (Perura / Welda)

Bebbit (FC)
Pixiestixie (heals)
Glosy (Spetnas *saturday)
Eluial (perhaps)
Veroicone (resto)
Kals (fc / feral)
Dysheki (backed up)
I'm free all the time. Slippykins - alliance - moonfire spec.
I'll go whenever you have them. You know that. ;) Resto
It was great fun last time. Need more horde this time. I will do my best to get on early.

Blackzwaard/HORDE/ Resto/ 10pm est (7pm pacific)

Cyous - Doomkin - Horde

I will be recording this, Ventrilio and all.

(Datah is still going to call out "WHAR CYOUS?! KILL CYOUS!!" ...it will happen.)
Please Saturday. Feral.
I r boomy. Can do fri or sat later in the night the better as I'd have to wake up early morning. Also: I R WANT CYOUS' BTAG.
Don't be dumb, of course I'll attend.

Bebbit - Feral/Guardian - Alliance.

And as always I'll probably be able to convince some people from my guild/server the night of as well.
Cyous - Doomkin - Horde

I will be recording this, Ventrilio and all.

(Datah is still going to call out "WHAR CYOUS?! KILL CYOUS!!" ...it will happen.)

What can we say, old habits die hard.

Actually, I had that conversation with him last night:
[3:26:07 AM] taswind: i just realized
[3:26:20 AM] taswind: no more "where's cyous??" "KILL CYOUS!!"
[3:26:21 AM] taswind: :(
[3:26:32 AM] Datah: oh it'll be even better this time
[3:26:36 AM] Datah: "PROTECT CYOUS"
Dingkinghobo, Alliance, Boomkin!
Also, we need a horde FC. Please.

Else a kitty gets drafted...

Also, they may have broken travel form + Mammoth, but kitty on kitty now works...
And for added giggles, go get some brew on the Unga Inagoo scenario.... (the placement of the brew barrel is not enitrely SFW...)
Edit: Apparently this may ONLY work in Unga Inagoo...? (maybe because of the brew?)
Edit, edit: Ok, so I have no idea HOW I did this.... Just tried to do it again, and it wont... lol

(Now if they'd only fix my bloody treants, I'd be good....)
Also, signing up Starshipx as a 'probably'. :P
Vusk, Horde, Feral/Resto
I'm guessing that's this coming weekend?
The 22nd, yeah
Primalshift, Alliance, Boomchicken!
I wonder where Symbiosis is gonna go?
I'll FC.

Feral prefer
sign me up as a maybe! a cat of the biting and scratching variety, not so much facetanking

not sure if/when i work that night, will post when i know more.

ps. i look forward to biting you some more, slippy & co >:3

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