Insane in the Membrane, Killing Pirates Group

The only thing I have left to get the achievement is to kill thousands of Pirates. Camping myself in lost rigger cove and just farming them, planning in the next three weeks to kill enough to get the achievement.

In this forum I hope to get some people who are also planning on doing the same to get Steamwheedle factions to Exalted (Booty Bay, Everlook, Gadgetzan, Ratchet) so we can group up, put down our battle standards, and get rep tons faster. I think with 3 people you should double how fast you get rep.

Add me, Blathe#1286 and let me know its for the insane title. If you are horde too go ahead and leave it for others who are looking for people to help out.

P.S. the Insane in the Membrane achievement now requires to keep all requirements for the achievement at one time, leaving you to kill literally tens of thousands of pirates. Making this group will make you go a little less insane while you are working towards it. Message me in game if you have questions.
Does not require them at the same time.. It has been fixed.
I have The Insane title already but my Booty Bay rep took a hit when I did quests in STV again. But I am looking for a group to regain the rep for total accumulated exalted reps.

Would like to finish this up sometime soon.


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