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Budget is around 1500 (would like to go as cheap as possible and also plan on using nVidia 3d vision so need a nVidia card.) I may play other games and want this to be semi future proof, but I would also like to keep it under budget which I have failed to do in the specs. Here's what I specced out but it seems like way overkill. Feel free to provide insight I have never built a pc before but I am tech savvy and know how to use youtube and other services to visually learn how to.

Case- $199

Power Supply- $135.00

Motherboard- $279.00

Processor- $329.00

Ram- $108.00

GPU- $460.00
The hard drive will be a SSD as well for the OS and I will just use my external for other data.
Some things that are glaring out at me.

Any reason why you are going with an I7? For gaming, no there is no real noticeable performance gain getting i7-3770K instead of i5-3570K.

If you are only gaming, 8gbs of RAM would be more than enough.

The 850W PSU is way overkill unless you are doing some kind of crossfire/SLI. A 550W+ PSU would be able to run a 670 GPU without problems.

Adding an Heatsink will help if you are planning to OC.

Buying all the components just from Newegg can really hit your wallet. If you are like me or others, shopping around at other stores could save you money and that money can be used to on other things. Try using They compare prices among other PC retailers out there (Amazon, OutletPC, Superbiiz, NCIX, etc).

And another thought, just because you have the money to spend on a computer doesn't mean you have to spend it all to get a great computer. You could spend $1200-1300 on a great gaming computer that could last you 2-4 years.
Would a single 670 run games on ultra with an i5 and 8 gb of ram??? And I am new to this how would I even go about overclocking the processor?
03/17/2013 09:01 AMPosted by Zaidus
Would a single 670 run games on ultra with an i5 and 8 gb of ram???

Yes it should, but depends really what games you are playing. Something graphic intense like Crysis 3, it will struggle with at Max settings.

And I am new to this how would I even go about overclocking the processor?

Here's a guide to OC'ing. But more or less, it's pushing like 3 buttons nowadays.
if you want a pc to run WOW in ultra you don't need a true machine.
it's like to compare super mario graphics with crysis 3 graphics honestly.
you don't need to spend much money for WOW :)
Cases are about the most future proof things you can buy. It is after all a metal box. If however you want something that looks new and awesome then spend whatever you want on what looks cool to you. I don't care though. My PC is going to be using my HP case. Also look at the current PSU you have.

I think there are cheaper motherboards you can find as well, and as everyone else has mentioned you could get a lesser CPU and still see similar performance. All of this can then be spent on a gfx card.

The one thing about buying 8 gigs now is that down the road when standards increase you can buy that 2nd stick for less when you will actually need it.
I wouldn't necessarily describe a case as merely vanity. A lot of the enthusiast cases are of higher price and quality due to the materials, cooling options (like setups for various liquid cooling options), extra fans, dust filters, cable management etc.

I use a Antec Dark Fleet 85 case. (google it, by far one of the most butt-ugly cases ever made, but it keeps my system cool, and the 8 case fans it came with are pretty effective.) I paid $129 for it on sale 2 years ago. I'm thankful I didn't cheap out on the case. I would have spent up to $250-$300 for a case.
Cases can be critical to cooling, which can extend components' service lives. You also have to build the machine inside it, so it better be conveniant to work with. Lastly, you'll have to deal with it everyday, so ergonomics and I/O topography also matter.

Like most things, you tend to get what you pay for. A case might in use for a very long time, so get something that meets your needs.

As for WoW on ultra, it's harder to run than you think. It's old and not terribly well optimized, so brute strength matters. If you want ultra, your CPU better be very capable. Five year old CPUs bought on eBay probably won't cut the mustard. Video is somewhat less demanding, but it kinda depends on resolution. If you're moving into the 1440p region, you'll need bleeding edge (read: expensive) vid cards to drive those monitors.

As for Apple...heh, yeah, whatever. They've improved video subsystems in their most recent offereings, but traditionally, they've always short-changed their users here. What they have done is tend to provide VERY good monitors with their hardware. Vid cards, not so much. They've never really courted the gaming market and actively avoided it at times.
my laptop has an i7, 16 gb of ram, and a nvidia geforce gt 630m (1gb) and will run wow on ultra at about 17-19 fps. I would prefer at least 70+ on ultra. What is the cheapest you guys think I could go?
depends where you want that 70fps
out in the world by your lonesome self - possible


doing a 25man raid/40man bg/idling in stormwind during peak hours - impossible

Cheapest? We'll assume 1080p (if you want 1440p, add $800).

Build it yourself: $800.

Have a local shop build it for you: $1200.

Go to a boutique online manufacturer: $1700.

Fair amount of slop in there, but that'll be ballpark.

What you should be looking for is something like an i5 3570, an nVidia 660ti, a 1tb HDD, 8gigs of memory, and a good 600w PSU. That'll get you 60fps at 1080p in most situations.
Well eventually I want to get a 3d monitor and play the game in stereoscopic 3d so I would need fairly high fps due to it being cut in half for 3d. I could just buy a 3d tv and play with my current laptop on fair settings but the fps is limited on a 3d tv due to it only being hdmi so I do not believe the experience would be pleasant.
I have an old HP desktop laying around as well, can I just use that case for assembly? That would save a fair chunk of cash.
HP in the past used a lot of proprietary hardware. I'd be worried about PSU incompatibiliites with an HP case. I wouldn't try and reuse anything HP branded on a new build. Just not worth the potential trouble to re-use this sort of thing.

I'd get a modern case. The newest ones have a lot better airflow, better cable routing, and generally more user friendly HDD mounting schemes. You don't necessarily have to spend a mint, but you might be using that case a very long time, so get something you like.

My experience with 3D stuff is pretty limited--namely my 3DS XL and that's about it.

I do know that something like nVidia 3D tech requires a LOT of video horsepower--enough that you'd want to go to a 670/680GTX or even Titan if you want really high framerates. This could be an area where SLI might prove of benefit (enough to put up with the attendent hassles, anyway).
So would I still be alright with an i5 in 3d or would I need an i7??? and for graphics cards those are all pretty pricey but should I go for a 2gb card or 4 gb? (don't really want to buy the titan)
The ram space isn't that important when it comes to picking a size. You would likely want the higher ram on a gpu if you were working with multimedia since some images can be stupid massive. For gaming its kind of useless unless I guess you are running the game on some ridiculous HD monitor that puts 1080p to shame.
Only worry about the i7 if you're doing something that requires hyperthreading. Games aren't presently heavily threaded, sooooooo...i5.

What you're planning on doing is pretty GPU intensive. However, it will depend on your resolution. If you're going to stick with 1080p, you'll probably be OK with a 670/680. However, you will essentially be running two monitors (the 3D thing). Titan has no peer as a single GPU solution for high resolutions and multi-monitor.

Is it necessary? Not really. Is it better? Yes. What should you buy? Going to depend how much pain your wallet can stand.
dont know why everyone wants to run wow on ultra so badly it looks the same on medium as it does on ultra... there are no objects in the world of warcraft with round edges everything (even wheels) have flat spots

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